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WXYC Friday, February 20, 2009 7-9pm

In case you missed tonight’s show, I’m sure I said (at least 3 or 4 times), my birthday is tomorrow.  21 February.  I’m just sayin’.

Here’s the setlist from the show that ended up being all about me:

20/2/9 19:00-21:00

I got two early requests that totally glued together my most righteous and rockin’ opening set.  Early requesters rule!  I am wondering what compilation that Easybeats tune is on, but the Rhino “Best Of” did us up good.  Jim Croce worked damned near perfect to take us in to MV & EE with the Golden Road.  !!! HellZzzyeowza!

Oh, and ya know last week there was that guy I put on the air who called us, trying to figure out wtf I was doing up here, wtf kind of music or what, and I didn’t say anything about this then, cuz I was more interested in trying to define “what” WXYC plays, “what” I play when I’m doing a show on WXYC, *but*. One thing our listener/caller said was that he didn’t think older people liked things that were getting played. 

Since it’s my birthday and all, I’m thinkin’ ’bout age, so perhaps it’s now a timely topic… anyways… after I did that show last week, going home that night, I remembered him saying that (about the “old” people) and how I didn’t respond to it, *at**all*.  which is kinda unlike me.  But the general WXYC sound was more important than my own anti-ageist agenda during that phone conversation… so… now *this* week… this week I can come back to it…

I’m not sure what he meant by old/older people, but many people, when they say that, are referring to those over 35, over 45, over 55…

Anytime anyone talks about what people over 50 listen to, I immediately think of the late, great Sonny Sharrock, of course.  Over the past week, I also thought about our own local Ian Davis.  I’m pretty sure Ian’s over 50 by now, if not he’s getting damned close. 

Anyways, Sonny made, and Ian makes the type of sounds I think this fellow—the dude who called, whom I put on the air last week—was talking about when he said older people don’t like those kinds of things.  I’m pretty sure Sonny Sharrock was making sounds he liked very much, and I *know* Ian Davis makes sounds he likes very much (I mean outside of the usual self-criticism).  Both are rather passionate about it, imo, so let’s just say they played/they play sounds they *love*. 

For the youtube enthusiasts who don’t know who Sonny Sharrock is, here’s a clip I recommend: 

That’ll give you a fair idea, anyway.  (Sonny’s the older, middle-aged dude playing guitar).

And damn it, I still can’t remember the name of that old dude from the late 50’s/early 60’s who was totally pushing the envelope on noise before anyone else ever considered those things viable compositions or recordings fit to listen to.  If you’re reading this and you know who I’m talking about—the old dude from the late 50’s/early 60’s all up in making noise—please, please, please speak up!  I was drawing a blank at 8pm, and it’s still there.  I can hear some of the sounds, but I got no fucking details, and absolutely no way to meaningfully convey his work via characters on a keyboard…  anyways, to that end, I played some Sonny Sharrock (from his work with Last Exit) and some Ian Davis stuff to demonstrate some of the sounds *some* people over 50 enjoy making and listening to.  And then I told you all not to be so damned ageist. =)

Anyways, it’s Richard’s birthday! (almost… officially the day of birth begins the evening of 21 February)  Fucking ROCK!

…astrological report pending, in the process of being typed up… it’s a good weekend, and a good 2 weeks we got ahead… go to alabe.com and see what they say if you don’t believe me…

Look at the Happy Burfday link Billy Sugarfix sent me!


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And now, here’s damned near all the text of the astrological weather report from this radio show:

Last week I briefly mentioned that March would have more bumps in the road, and one of the first rocks rolls up in a few hours.  At 3:03am Saturday, February 21, 2009, the sun finishes applying a sextile to Pluto (from alabe.com:  “This is a time for investigations, cleanups, purifications, renewals and renovations, and the sharing of power.”), and then it begins approaching an opposition to Saturn that hangs with us till March 8. 

For those keeping score at home, you know Saturn is in opposition to Uranus over these next couple years, and ya just heard me say Saturn is 19 degrees Virgo while Uranus is 21 degrees Pisces, so if the sun is approaching an opposition to Saturn, you know it must also be approaching a conjunction to Uranus, and that *does* happen, March 12.  Were I given a choice for the order of these two aspects, I’d definitely take the opposition to Saturn before the conjunction to Uranus, because I like to get bad stuff out of the way asap.  The sun conjunction with Uranus brings sudden, radical change; it can be shocking, and it may also take some getting used to once it has happened, but the radical changes sun conjunct Uranus brings are generally for the better. 

Before that, though, we have this sun opposition to Saturn, which is a strong, negative aspect, but it’s a temporal one.  It happens at least once a year, every year, so it isn’t like the Saturn opposition Uranus that moves on a 40 – 45 year cycle, with all the baggage that brings.  As the sun opposition to Saturn begins to apply, we may feel its effects over the next week, but like I said last week, we’re in the midst of a *very* positive period, and this one aspect doesn’t have anywhere near the fire-power to overshadow the good.  So let’s get to that, planet-by-planet.


Mercury conjunct Jupiter  Tuesday, February 24, 01:28
Mercury sextile Venus  Wednesday, February 25, 19:59
Mercury conjunct Mars  Sunday, March 1, 22:05

Mercury, you’ll recall, affects communication, mundane travel, daily tasks & relationships, ties to siblings (if you have any), as well as thinking, but it’s quick, witty thinking.  Jupiter, which it conjuncts on Tuesday, deals with the more profound side of thinking, and also deals with speculation, spiritual and philosophical thought, and law.  When I made that remark last week about this being a good time if you were seeking justice in a supreme court, this was primarily the aspect I was thinking about.  When Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, it’s a time of remarkable clarity in thinking and speaking.  Both planets are in Aquarius, which is a highly objective sign.  It’s not emotional, it’s more like pure thought, electricity.

Aquarius tends to be “detached,” but with Mercury sextile Venus in Aries on the heels of its conjunction to Jupiter—Venus affecting love, partnerships (business and romantic), aesthetics, music, money, and the sign Aries being lively, motivated and self-preserving—rather than being robotically detached, it has a real pulse; pulsing electric, one could say.

After Wednesday, and taking us through Sunday, March 1, Mercury conjuncts Mars, so problem-solving activities will increase in intensity, communication will be direct and honest (as it says on alabe.com). Be careful traveling, using transportation, though, especially when there’s a sudden change of itinerary.  If a flight is canceled, for example, make sure you don’t angrily grab the first alternate, or haphazardly take the next cab out-of-town.  Take time to be sure all your connecting points are solid, and most especially that you’ve chosen a safe mode of travel.  Among other things, Mars is involved in accidents, especially those that involve the letting of blood. !


On to Venus….

Venus Retrograde   Friday, March 6, 12:16
Venus sextile Jupiter  Wednesday, March 11, 08:34

Venus made a sextile to Mars last Wednesday, but because Venus turns retrograde, and also because Mars isn’t wasting any time moving forwards and onwards through Aquarius, Venus is once again applying a sextile to Jupiter, which was one of our Valentine’s Day aspects that applied last Monday.

Sometimes when planets turn retrograde, they’ll make a specific aspect 3 different times:  The first pass in direct motion, the second pass retrograde, and then the third back over again when it resumes direct motion.  Sometimes this results in a planet making the first set of aspects in reverse order, then back through as it did the first time, or sometimes making one aspect for a very long time, like last October where Mercury (retrograde) made a square to Jupiter on October 6, a few days later it resumed direct motion, and made the square again October 26, so the Mercury square Jupiter aspect continued to apply, even after it had applied the first time, through till October 26.

As Venus makes its way through Aries this year, it will make 2 of the 3 aspects it has made in February three times;  Venus square Pluto and the sextile to Jupiter, but not the sextile to Mars. 

We’ll talk more about Venus and this retrograde in a week or two, but for now, due to pending retrograde motion, Venus is applying a sextile to Jupiter, and just taking text from alabe.com: “Celebrations, meetings and weddings are successful. Confidence and feelings of prosperity move events along now.”  I think of this aspect as a kind of WD40 for the square to Pluto it’s weaving through simultaneously, during this retrograde.


then there’s Mars…

Mars conjunct Neptune  Sunday March 8, 08:50
lifted right out of alabe.com:
“This transit brings dramatic action and a kind of ideal decisiveness; people take action, protest, or attack others for reasons of ideology or beliefs. Leaders use theater to conceal intentions. There may be confusing episodes in the field of medicine, in regard to hospitals, and in other kinds of institutions. ”

I have a couple examples for the line, “Leaders use theater to conceal intentions.”

The first would be when Obama made that trip down to Florida last week, with that guy who said he worked at McDonald’s… The magic of youtube provides the backstory, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.  The manner in which this event played out—from the moment the guy stood up, to the results of this act to-date—is a perfect example of leaders using human theater to redirect popular perceptions from one large, complex issue to something narrow and concrete.  Redirecting focus to surface-issue symptoms is quicker and easier than making a full diagnosis for what is likely multiple systemic diseases that penetrate to the core.  The media outlets capitalize on the happy ending for this one guy’s story—and also the homeless woman who spoke up at that event—as example of the magical healing power of Obama. It isolates it from the crap that’s going down, and I mean literally *down*, with the stock exchange.

The other example is with Burris, and I’m probably *not* going where you think I am with this one.

Burris in this situation is *not* the leader; he is not the power source.  The Burris event also falls into perfect step with the timing of the aspect.  In this case, while by now the public may be viewing Burris as the one using theater, remember his statements which tipped off this latest media mêlée were made rather quietly, in writing, in fact.  The source of theater is coming from outside Burris. Here’s a link to a Roland Burris search I did at Reuters, if ya wanna peek at the latest tricks of that particular trade.
Let’s be clear that I gots no fucking idea wtf re:Illinois/Chicago politics.  Judging from facial expressions and general physical demeanor of the involved parties, however, and looking at the timing of all this in terms of astrological aspects, regardless what Burris may or may not be guilty of doing, the clowns that instigated this circus have much, much more to hide than any of the scapegoats they trot out. 

For the next week or so, we’ve got that Mercury conjunct Mars aspect to help keep the honesty floating to the top.

With that said, as Mars conjuncts Neptune, it’s a prime time to defend the underdog, with good results. Also under the auspices of this aspect, research in esoteric topics goes well, from theoretical physics to philosophy, and anything that requires thought on a 5th dimensional plane.


Jupiter conjunct Neptune  Wednesday, May 27 16:05

Then with the long-term, ongoing aspects, we have this Jupiter conjunction Neptune that’s with us all year (May 27, July 10, and again December 21), and as I’ve quoted from alabe for weeks, now: “This transit marks a time of spiritual optimism, idealism, high hopes, and, more negatively, inflated expectations. Ideologies and beliefs are seen to motivate people toward the exploration of new territories. Some may research difficult moral or legal problems. In the arts and in music there is growth and new heights.”  I’ll add further, that within the negative expression of this aspect one finds fertile soil for those who would like to use theater to conceal their intentions. Enjoy the optimism it brings—god knows we all need it—just don’t get besotted on it.



Saturn opposition Uranus  Tuesday, September 15

Right now on alabe, it says Saturn is applying a trine to Pluto, but that ain’t gonna happen.  Not at all.  That trine is 1000% last year’s news, and it’s not coming back.  It’s an algorithm error in alabe.com’s software, due to Saturn’s current retrograde motion.  Those things happen every now and again with retrogrades.  It’s rather amazing that alabe’s software is as robust as it is, especially since it’s completely free to the public.  So don’t think I’m raggin’ on alabe.  It’s an error I can live with.  It’s easy to do the math it takes to catch/correct it, when it’s important… All them thar algorithm disclaimers completely hammered into place:

The next thing Saturn does with Pluto is an icky, ugly square, and that evil bastard takes place in November.  Between now and then, however, Saturn makes the dreaded opposition to Uranus—for the third of what will be five times in all—September 15.  What alabe has to say about Saturn opposite Uranus: “This transit emphasizes inequalities in society, the conflicts between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” This may also be a time of severe socio-economic stress and even financial recession. Changes of rule and authority in many fields leave people feeling unstable and insecure. It is a time of frustration, accidents, rigid resistance to change, and attacks on authorities.”




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