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WXYC Friday, February 27, 2009 7-9pm

My prediction that I’d be adjusted to the 2-hour shift (of the regular semester, versus the 3-hour shift of fall/spring break, winter break, and over the summer sessions) just as we rolled up into Spring Break was surprisingly accurate.  I was extremely happy with this show, music-wise at least, rhythm/genre, etc.  I gots no idea how it sounded to *you*, but *I* liked everything I played, as I played it. 

27/2/9 19:00-21:00

OK.  I admit I wish I’d played something other than Ouroboros (I don’t know why I misspelled it as Ouroboroughs on the setlist—I was looking right at it, I thought, while I was typing) because last time I played SubArachnoid Space, I played that self-same tune.  Soundwise, though, it was exactly what I wanted to follow Milk Cult, as well as my premeditated path to reach Sun Ra.  Count it as one of my favorite tunes that I don’t know is one of my favorites (by name).

I also admit I didn’t especially relish that JW Farquar tune, but as far as rotation cuts go that don’t go the way you hope, it went pretty well.  I imagined most people who don’t like the astrology report probably didn’t like the Farquar tune, so it seemed the natural prelude to the astrology report, assuming the non-fans switched their audio media about 2 minutes into “Where Have You Been.”

The gig at the Cradle

Railroad Earth


Railroad Earth music

Old School Freight Train music

Doors: 8:00PM

Show: 9:00PM


$18 Advance

$20 Day of Show

was popular during my show tonight, which means all those tickets got gobbled up.  Considering how much leafy-green a Cradle ticket fetches these days, in addition to the economic depression into which we’re collectively wading, it surprises me how often our free passes are left to wither.  But not tonight! Plucked from this WXYC dj at the peak of free-pass freshness and flavor!


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What I had written for tonight’s astrological weather report:

“Even tho’ we have the sun opposition to Saturn going on, we’re still working with an abundance of positive energy, especially overnight tonight.  We have the moon in Aries approaching a sextile to Mercury in Aquarius at 23:20 which makes for lively banter, as it also approaches a sextile to Mars (in Aquarius) that applies at 01:48.  It’s a good night for extraversion!  A prime evening for physical activity of any sort.  After 01:48, the moon approaches a sextile to Neptune which takes us up to the void at 12:51, so where ever our physical activity leads us, we may find ourselves pleasantly enlightened afterwards.  For real. 

“After 12:51 tomorrow afternoon, the moon is void till 22:33, so things like important first meetings should wait till after 22:33, or reschedule for Sunday if you can.  Don’t buy a house or a car or a boat tomorrow afternoon, either! Or a computer, Blackberry, or any electronic device that you will expect to function as advertised.  Not only will you probably be returning it, but short of getting all your cash back, whatever replaces it will be problematic, as well.”

…That was all I had written in preparation, the rest was me winging it. 

I deferred to alabe.com as I often do, noting, however, that because of pending Venus and Saturn retrogrades, their algorithms for those two planets are off, with reference to applying aspects. 

Venus goes retrograde 12:16pm Friday, March 6, so it is actually applying a sextile to Jupiter, *not* a sextile to Neptune, as appears on alabe’s website.  It makes the sextile to Jupiter Wednesday, March 11, after which it begins applying its second of three passes to square Pluto.  I’m not looking forward to that, but it’s more than a week away. 

As for what’s currently showing at alabe.com Venus won’t begin applying the sextile to Neptune until after 13:10 May 2.  Kind of a long ways off, and Venus applies several other aspects between now and then, beginning with its second of three passes to sextile Jupiter. 

Coincidentally, I think it’s geometrically interesting that when it *does* finally apply the sextile to Neptune (11:54 June 2), less than eight hours afterwards it makes the third and final application of the sextile to Jupiter; that is, when Venus *does* begin applying the sextile to Neptune, it could be thought of as simultaneously applying the final sextile to Jupiter.  These two events are somewhat ironically connected after all.

Quoting myself, “Venus sextile Jupiter is an aspect during which love, art, beauty, and justice will grow and flourish.”  Quoting alabe.com, “Celebrations, meetings and weddings are successful. Confidence and feelings of prosperity move events along now.”

Next week, I promise I’ll talk more about this Venus retrograde.  The square to Pluto is the burr of which to be wary, but with regards to retrograde periods, this one can be thought of as a more gentle razing than most, oxymoron or not.

Because Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are making the same aspects this week as they did last week, click here to get the spin on those.  (If I add anything to next week’s astrology report about the effect of these 3 planets, I’ll include it then, but otherwise, I’m merely gonna link back to what I wrote last week.)  Saturn opposite Uranus sucks, it’s with us till 2010; Jupiter conjunct Neptune is our source of happy hope through out all of 2009, though we need to make sure it doesn’t blind us to any harsh reality that requires action.  I’ll be saying that, over and over, alot. 

Oh!  A final disclaimer.  I am completely downplaying the sun’s opposition to Saturn, because when I do these things, I’m mainly thinking about the sociological indications, so that’s the sphere these little “reports” address.  As far as personal relationships go, the sun’s opposition to Saturn hasn’t been a big deal these past couple weeks.  If you’re more business-minded, however, more into the financial side of life, you’ve been more vulnerable to the unpleasantness of this aspect.  As steeply as things may seem to be dropping at the moment, astrologically it looks like the worst is coming the months surrounding September.  It’ll probably get better before then, like around May, but don’t do anything foolish or extremely speculative with any funds you need to exist till after April 2010. 

Alrighty.  I’ll make noise at ya next week ’bout this time, if I don’t write anything before then.


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