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WXYC Friday, March 6, 2009 7-9pm

…I gotta come back over the weekend and enter all that astrological weather report I had written up.  It’s a lot.  Till then, here’s the setlist:

6/3/9 19:00-21:00

I think I broke out of the gate strong.  Department of Eagles brought me down at the very end, tho’, and then that was *not* the Leonard Cohen tune I meant to play, but serves me right for wanting to be a smart ass.  That is, I was annoyed with the Department of Eagles and I felt like sending it all south with some Cohen, but the Cohen I cued at the last second was south in a different way than I’d intended.  I was too drunk on cognac and kicking ass with the doubling cube last time I heard that album in the background a couple decades ago.  I remembered the image of the cover and cleaning up in backgammon while it was playing, but none of what the album actually sounded like, so with 20 seconds left to go… I discovered ***nothing*** that I thought was on the album *was* on that album, and ….oh well.

Tonight on WXYC, Cohen goes Cajun! 

The night I was doubling to delight on Napoleon Courvoisier, I really don’t recall hearing anything remotely Cajun-esque from that album, but fuck if that wasn’t what I ended up playing over-the-air.

Eh.  Let’s not dwell on the crap. 

Let’s go back to early, when I was all happy with everything I was playing.

The dude who requested something from Pink Flag by Wire, seriously, you have no idea how awesome that was.  It ain’t often, but when it happens, it’s platinum to the core. 

Not only did you request a band I intended to play, but from the very album I was already planning to play.

Requests like that—2-for-2, out of the blue—those are so rare.  I don’t know how other djs feel about it when it happens, but for me, it’s confirmation of the metaphysical plasma that connects us.  Like, whaddaya know! It’s *not* just me that needs to hear that, it’s part of the bigger picture.  A Harrison “Within You/Without You” moment.  Requests for bands I intended to play anyway have happened frequently enough over the years—and those are neat—but a request for the band *and* the specific album, which was some seemingly 100% random idea that grabbed me and shook me maybe a day or two before it’s time to spin the plastics?  Too much!  (Magic bus.)

OK, all right, I’m wrappin’ it up here for now.  I really am gonna get the astrological weather report up here before the weekend is through.  I’m just not in the mood to type 6 pages into the computer at the moment.

Oh damn!  I didn’t tell you when this week’s VOCs happen.  Ach. 
I assume if you’ve found your way here, you probably already know you can get the whole month’s VOC schedule at Felissa’s slice of the accessnewage.com site… if not, here’s her link, if you need it.

While I’m adding hyperlinks to the blog, here’s alabe’s astrological weather site, about which I can not say enough good things.

As to what I’m currently listening, it’s the current WXYC dj.  He’s spinning the Elodie Lauten tune right now  It’s like some kinda opera/classical thing.  Glass-like, but not so minimal.


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