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WXYC Thursday, March 12, 2009 12-3:00am

Not my best, not my worst:

12/3/9 00:00-03:00

…started out OK, but then, I don’t know. Almost saved by the Etta James request, but damned near ruined it in spite of it all with Good Rats, Mercury Rev, and Yes.  The Foundations request and the Fitzgerald request were welcome, indeed, and I almost wrapped up the rest of the show cleanly, but hell if that segue into EMC wasn’t bloody dreadful.  One of my thematically worst ever.  I can’t help but laugh, tho’.  I think it ranks along with scenes from Gorgo. 

GORGO!                        forgo2009

Coincidence this all rhymes with Torgo? 

I think not!

I liked everything between Zomby and emc.  Hopefully you liked some of it, too. 
I’ll be makin’ noise at you all again Friday 18:00-21:00 EDT. Till then:
Good morning, afternoon, evening, night!


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