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WXYC Friday, March 27, 2009 7-9pm

You know what this is:

27/3/9 19:00-21:00

After the Monkey Island intro, I had to send a few tunes into outer space for the person who first turned me on to Working Class Hero.  Since I’ve been a dj, I’ve discovered one of the most compelling reasons to do a radio show (where you can choose at least some of the music you play) is that everything broadcast travels out into space.  No doubt it’s a scrambled mess, especially by now with all the stuff that’s out there, but still, eventually whatever you broadcast will reach other galaxies.  Don’t mind me, going all Contact on ya… there are other facts I gleaned, regarding tonight’s broadcast, about which I can write.  Consider:

       1.) Steve Partin likes Yo’ Mama’s Big Fat Booty. FYI.

       2.) Sometimes, especially in March, people from out-of-town will call
          and ask what time we begin coverage of the basketball game.

       3.) Richard can not refrain from playing an 80’s dance set before any
          WXYC 80’s dance at the Cradle.

I honestly thought I was *not* going to play any 80’s dance music—for once—but I can’t help myself.  I’ve never done a dance set on-air that would allow “Paralysed” to fit in smoothly—and I don’t think I’ve ever done a pre-WXYC 80’s Dance radio show where I didn’t play Malcolm X, Time Zone, and Cabaret Voltaire—so somewhere during that Clinic tune I buckled, deciding “no, I won’t completely ignore 80’s dance music, I’ll just play a more Sunday-night-in-Columbia, SC-upstairs-at-the-Beat-circa-1986 kind of set.”  So a little different than years past.  I do not think it is possible, however, that I could *ever* do any 80’s dance set without playing Gang of Four.  It would be heresy. 

Oh… *when* is this WXYC 80’s dance at Cat’s Cradle, you ask? 
Saturday, March 28, 21:00 – Sunday March 29 02:00
Tomorrow night, 9pm-2am! 
It always sells out, so get there early.
It’s an all-ages show, in case ya didn’t know.

So that’s my radio show for tonight.  And whaddaya know.  I got started early, typing in tonight’s astrology weather report, so I’ve finally got *that* ready to “publish” concomitant with the general music setlist/radio show blog post banter thingy.  Must be that Mercury conjunction to Venus.

CROAK, MTHRFKRZ!Sounds of North American Frogs
By: North American Frogs
Release Date: 1958



So it’s that time again…

The temporal aspects, “the quickies” as one might think of them, at this very moment are pleasant, although the moon does go void at 22:16, but right now it’s applying this nice sextile with Neptune. Alabe says, “People may show more sensitivity now. Intuition, insight, and compassion are in the air.

After it finishes off this sextile, it’ll be void till 6:08 am when it enters Taurus, so between 10:16 and 6:08 Eastern Time, the usual advisory to avoid firsts you’d like to do more than once applies. If you’re listening and on the east coast, 22:16 is kinda late to start a first date, or sign a contract, close on a house, or make a large purchase, so mainly it’ll be people you meet for the first time, or in news you hear, something *won’t* be as it appears.

The main concern is when you discover something new during a void moon and you think it’s fantastic and marvelous, then later you discover it decidedly is not. The other side is getting something or meeting someone during the void of course moon which you assume is trivial or insignificant, next thing you know, these things or relationships turn out to be more important than you could have possibly imagined.

So the moon is void tonight from 22:16 till tomorrow morning, 06:08.

Till then—and through then—we have the sun applying a conjunction to Mercury. Again, there’s a glitch in alabe.com’s algorithm, as it’s showing the sun’s next aspect is a sextile to Jupiter, but that doesn’t happen till after the conjunction with Mercury.  It could be because they’re going to count the conjunction as a Mercurial aspect instead of a solar aspect, but over the weekend till Monday 23:29, the sun applies a conjunction to Mercury.  It’s a time when we’re better able to express ourselves, communicate effectively, *especially* if we’re talking about *ourselves*.

It’s also a good time for day-trips.  I know the weather around the triangle kinda sucks this weekend, but these would be short jaunts like to Pilot Mountain, or maybe the beach.  Somehow, short trips we make between now and Monday night may be self-affirming or self-revealing in a good, healthy, and welcome way.

We’ve also got Mercury applying a conjunction to Venus until 10:30pm tomorrow night. Alabe.com says, “Friendly discourse and creative expression are stimulated by this transit. It’s a time of mergers, deals, economic progress, the relaxing of controls, and progress in human relations.”  *I* say we’ll all enjoy this chatty time.  Good jokes, the timing on the punchlines are *perfect*, the stories are entertaining both for the listeners and the people telling them. 

If you’re scheduled to make some public appearance tomorrow between 6:30am and 10:30pm, do it with confidence, because you’ll look good *and* sound good doing it, *and* you’ll have a great audience.  Even when we consider the on-going negative aspects (and they are quite unpleasant), for this weekend—especially tomorrow—even George W. Bush wouldn’t mispronounce anything, or do or say anything stupid, if you can believe that.

After 10:30pm Saturday, Mercury begins applying a sextile to Jupiter, and then 11:30pm Monday, the sun joins Mercury in this sextile.  Alabe.com calls the sun sextile Jupiter “…a time for proposals, launchings, generosity, increases, travel, helpful actions, legalities, and educational matters“, so all this week, the sun, Mercury and Jupiter will help keep it gentle.  It’s a break we’ll need.

Meanwhile, Venus continues the retrograde it began a couple weeks ago, approaching the second of three squares it makes to Pluto.  I don’t know about you guys, but this week I found myself actually reviewing what I’ve written, because the “end” I’ve been talking about, that comes during this retrograde, it has come home for me.  Being perfectly honest, usually I just look at what’s going on mathematically, then synthesize that according to the methods I learned in traditional Western tropical astrology, and unless someone asks me about it later, I don’t think about it again till I sit to write the next report. 

As it happens for me, this particular Venus retrograde has become one of those types of coincidences that has led me to a continued interest in astrology. 

If you are also sharing this coincidental end/termination/conclusion of a relationship (be it with a person, place, thing, belief, etc.), if the retrograde unfolds according to schedule, the conclusion really is supposed to be happy and sweet, somehow.  OK. 

Until then, tho’, and especially between April 3 – 17, things may become increasingly muddled, overwhelming; it will probably be the worst of it, but hang in there.  It’s supposed to end sweet.

We have one more week with the bad-ass Mars opposition to Saturn, and to clarify, this is *not* the good kind of bad-ass. 

If the aspect, Mars opposition Saturn, were a person, it would be a 6’5″, 400-pound, hog-riding ex-convict carrying at least 2 or 3 weapons at all times, who under the best of circumstances would have grown up to be a tough character, rough-around-the-edges, but unfortunately was neglected, abused, and bullied as a child.  Not someone you want to vex, yet our house-guest till about 9pm *next* Saturday, April 4.  Like I said last week: Be careful, pay attention to your surroundings, and because Mars is in Pisces, it would be best to completely avoid any mood/mind-altering substances (at least till after 9pm April 4).  This advisory goes triple if you’ll be operating a vehicle, machinery, or engaging in work-related activities.  Plan ahead; have a tested, effective alternate method; breathe.

Of course as it happens all year, Jupiter is applying a conjunction to Neptune, and generally I’ve been emphasizing the positive effects of this aspect: idealism, optimism, generosity, but because of Mars in Pisces making the opposition to Saturn, this week it’s more likely to escalate the danger level associated with outcomes that involve getting stoned.  It introduces a need to be careful during *any* mind-altering process, independent of ingested substances.  If you simply use meditation to go to some other plane, heed proper method.  Psychically, sans external chemical manipulation, injurious accidents may still take place.

I don’t want to end on such a down note, but the Mars opposition Saturn aspect is dour, cruel, and punitive, one of the most arduous of all aspects, so it bears mention.  Better safe than sorry, so at least you know it’s out there.

Overnight, though, and this weekend, the sun, Mercury, and Venus will lighten the tone, allowing us to thoroughly enjoy the company of friends, no matter what safety restrictions we must observe.

Finally, here are this week’s void-of-course moons:
Friday, March 27 22:16 — Saturday, March 28 06:08 (enters Taurus)
Monday, March 30 02:00 — 09:35 (enters Gemini)
Wednesday, April 1 05:02 — 12:30 (enters Cancer)
Friday, April 3 04:58 — 15:32 (enters Leo)


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