WXYC Chapel Hill, NC 89.3FM – Monday 3:00-6:00pm ET – www.wxyc.org

WXYC Friday, April 10, 2009 7-9pm

still not in any mood to type, yet hear B da setlist:

10/4/9 19:00-21:00

re: increasing backlog of writing to be entered: I’m having flashbacks to that first day I came on as a vending machine mechanic at Pepsi… the volume of words I need to type has not yet surpassed that of the terraced mountain of coin mechs in need of repair, but there is validity to such an analogy.

So, until I get around to typing in the last—uh…3 weeks?
…yeah, something like that—3 weeks’ worth of content:

.~*~.!Happy Easter!.~*~.
Once upon a time, Mike Hard was front man for God Bullies


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