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WXYC Friday, April 24, 2009 7-9pm

…I may start just scanning the handwritten astrological weather report and put the scanned image here, since I’ve not felt up to typing in all that stuff for, I think, a whole month.  ?  It’s been awhile, and I am *really* not wanting to type what I think is currently about 20 handwritten pages (and growing). Blech.

*Anyways*, this next part is always easy…
Ye olde setliste fromme ye olde Frydaye nyghte 19:00 – 21:00 onne WXYC:

24/4/9 19:00-21:00

Honestly, I really liked this radio show, the whole thing.  I had that miscue at the end that I suppose had to happen to remind me of my human condition, but there was enough time to get everything I wanted.

Recently we have had a new technological development at WXYC which I should be able to exploit on this blog, but I need to relearn some stuff on ProTools before I do. …cryptic?  eh.  Not really, but I reckon so.  Point being I maybe will have something nifty re: audio soon.  Or maybe not… Anyways, I’m thinking about doing something new, whether or not it gets realized.

Till then, thanks for listening, this show was totally awesome because I gave away Mogwai tickets to a first-time ticket winner, and those never fail to bring a big ol’ smile to my face. 



Mogwai music\

The Twilight Sad music

Doors: 8:30PM

Show: 9:15PM



There’s good reason for listening to us, yo!  Actually I’m planning on hitting the Mogwai show, myself, so I need to wrap this thing up…

What else? A damned fine request for Tinariwen that couldn’t have set things better to tie together everything I wanted to play *and* the required rotation cuts.  Thanks fer dat!

wtf, my god, am I actually gonna get out of here before 10:30?  I think it be so. 

Off and awa’!


Currently listening:

Decade - Neil yoDecade
By: Neil Young
Release Date: November 1977


Happy April 24






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