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WXYC Friday, May 1, 2009 7-9pm

should have been 6-9pm.  oops.  For some reason, I thought sign-ups started next Friday, so I was completely unaware I was AWOL.  Haven’t made that kind of mistake since 2004.  I *have* accidentally slept through once or twice in the interim, but I meant to be here those times… just my body had other ideas.  Today, apparently my mind had other ideas…

Excuses, excuses. 

Here’s the setlist from tonight’s show:

1/5/9 19:00-21:00

I was very happy with my May Day opener. 

I was sad to add a couple tunes in memorium for Eddie Hatcher, but I’m happy his soul is no longer imprisoned. 

The 15-second blurb the 5-o’clock WRAL newscast gave him was reasonably respectful, ending with Eddie’s characterization of himself as a man just trying to fight the good ol’ boy network. 

That newspaper, where he and Timothy Jacobs first set out to draw attention to corruption in Robeson County by taking hostages, does not present the endorsement of Eddie we find in the obituary article of N&O staff writer, Martha Quillin, but considering the circumstances, The Robesonian also shows respect. 

Last summer, as results of Operation Tarnished Badge kept pounding the shore, Robeson County District Attorney, Johnson Britt, stated that Eddie Hatcher’s charges of a corrupt Robeson County Sheriff’s Office *were* correct.

…I’ll finish this up later…

but want to get this published asap, even if incomplete…

Hope yours was a happy Labour Day!


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