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WXYC Friday, May 8, 2009 3-9pm

Sign-ups, ya know, so here’s the double-duty shift:

8/5/9 15:00-21:00

The thing that made this whole show worth it happened during the first 3 minutes.  Someone hadn’t heard “Final Exam” ever before.  I always, always, always play it at least once—maybe twice—at the end of every semester (and summer session, too, if I’ve got a show around that 2 day exam period), so sometimes I feel like I should give it a rest, but today I was reminded why playing it is a good thing. 

…but this whole 6 hours was great… I got bunches of calls, and several requests.  Any show that scores a Koyaanisqatsi request is always a winner.

…and if you were listening, you know I winged the astrological weather report.  I’m unabashedly blaming any fuck-ups on the Mercury retrograde.

Also, I still haven’t gotten the thing organized to which I alluded a couple weeks back, but I’m gonna make an interim offer until I swing it.  If I’m deluged, which I don’t anticipate, I’ll have to reneg, but until then and/or I actually get the thing I wanna do organized, here’s a new thing: 

If you want a 30 minute mp3 block of any show I do, just drop me a line and I’ll email it to ya.  There isn’t a place organized yet that I can post ’em for general download, but I can email the mp3, if you’re interested.  They are *not* seamless, and they are arbitrarily separated usually around 4 minutes after the top and bottom of the hour.  If it’s in the middle of a drony tune, you may not notice at all.

…yes, I am planning on just editing the astrological weather report and doing a podcast thing, so I don’t have to type that crap in!  =)  Damn str8.  I should have that ready before the summer is over. 

Till then, if you see a setlist posted you didn’t hear, that you want to hear, or maybe one you want to hear over and over again, just drop me email and I’ll get it to ya.  Each mp3 is an approximate 30-minute block, stereo, and they average about 45 MB, but one this week is 50MB, and sometimes they’ve been as small as 36MB, if those sorts of details matter to you.  The archive of shows I’ve done begins with April 10, 2009, so anything I’ve done from that point forward, I can send.

OK… welp… that’s it for now… I’ll make noise at yaz next Friday 6-9pm, if not before…

Happy Summer, All!


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