WXYC Chapel Hill, NC 89.3FM – Monday 3:00-6:00pm ET – www.wxyc.org

WXYC Friday, May 22, 2009 6-9pm

Got a few calls and a couple requests, even tho’ the town is like deadsville, man; you know, what with the 3-day weekend, n’all. So click da blues ferda text record uvda encounter:

22/5/9 18:00-21:00

And yet another say-as-you-go astrological weather forecast.   tsk, tsk, tsk. shameful.  I reckon you guys are OK with it, tho’, cuz nobody’s complaining.  At least, *I* ain’t heard nor read any remonstrations… yet.  after the Mercury retrograde passes, we’ll see if I’m better at preparing a weekly astrological communication…

Welp, drop a line if ya gots anything to say… meanwhile, I gotsa ta go do 3-day weekend things, myself, so I be outta hyar…

…fer now, anyway. 


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