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WXYC Thursday, September 3, 2009 6-8am

This was a kinder, gentler wake-your-lazy-ass-up-it’s-time-for-that-8am-German/organic/Calc-class-already!!! show: 

3/9/9 06:00-08:00

…kinder, gentler by my standards, anyways.  And unlike Tuesday, there came a request, an Artful request one might say, for Alison Krauss. 

Oh! And I finally quit playing the Beatles! 
There was a sticky moment early in, where I was thinking, you know, George and sitars, again, again, again, and I caught myself and thought, no… No!  I will not do this.  This has to end, and it has to end, now!  I’ll play the Stones instead. 

So I went for the Stones’ derivation of the Beatles’ LSD phase. 
But still, it was *not* the Beatles.


We’ll see if I have a relapse tomorrow, 19:00 – 21:00. 



I’ll bet I play something from Relapse, but that’s a different creature, all together… …now.

…I somehow also did not play anything with Pete Townshend in it for the first time in several shows, but I (virtually) never worry about playing The Who/Pete too frequently.  Like, long live rock, man, be it dead or alive.


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