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Holy fuck! The apocalypse *is* near!

After espying recent weirdness here, at my blog, from a day or two ago, I decided I’d cruise around and see what else was happening, as far as nonweird and *welcome* reader perusals go.

Instantaneous and complete gratification ensued, as one of my ancient blog entries (from 4 years ago, that I transferred to here from myspace) was getting hit by someone searching wordpress for “amish jihad.” 

*That’s* the kind of thing I *like* to see happening at my blog.

So, sitting here in the prod room, no small surprise that this observation prodded me to visit the Amish Jihad myspace page

There’s always a flash of nostalgia for the old amishjihad.com website, RIP, RESPECT, before I check their current myspace page.  I miss their original, now defunkt website.  I mean, it was just fun having a website with the domain name, amishjihad, existing in cyberspace with authentic content.  Alas, ’twas an early victim of the foreclosure crisis, so the crib in the projects is better’n’nuttin’, I know.

Upon arrival, there in the abject little boxes of myspace, I saw the instigating agent for these somewhat recent “amish jihad” pokes.

I had to go to Hot Graves to find the casings, but we’ve got rock solid evidence:

Amish Jihad Reunion Tour!

The only show I couldn’t find a flyer for was the one here in Carrboro at Reservoir, so the vicarious vibes of art for the other three shows’ll just have to do for now:

   September 17, 2009 Gainesville, FL

   September 18, 2009 Myrtle Beach, SC

Couldn't find a fkn flyer for this show   September 19, 2009 Carrboro, NC

   September 20, 2009 Asheville, NC


All shows with original jihadist, Mike!!!!!!!!

Praise Allah!

…or at least alla dem guys responsible for the return of the Hail Murray Three.




A rockumentary of their exploits, available at Youtube!?!?1/?!!11
HELLZ yeah!
(the Jihad part starts about halfway into it)



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