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WXYC Friday, October 23, 2009 7-9pm

I’m sure it *ain’t* no hoggish respiratory viral infiltration, but I’m also pretty sure *my body* is convinced that it’s being attacked by (sub?)microscopic alien invaders, whether it is, or not.

I’m glad there’s been no launch of a respiratory/pulmonary defense, but the lymph system has been called up, and I feel like I took diphenhydramine (but I most definitely have not).  So, physically I feel like *blecccccccccchumf*, and I really have no idea if it’s reflected in the show I did tonight, or not.  Only the listeners know for sure:

23/10/9 19:00-21:00

I managed to score a Nightlight ticket winner, and a request, *and* I did my best to play stuff to trigger (at least) my own cascade of alertness, but inside this dj’s skin, the things going on *outside* the skin seemed distant and dream-like.

It came on during sleep…  That is, I went to sleep feeling just fine, woke up 12+ hours later (a lengthy surprise, in itself) in a sludgy fog that ain’t liftin’.  Blecccch.

If my caffeinated beverage of choice *is* having any effect, I can’t tell (I’ve consumed 24 oz. just in the writing of this). 

I wanted to write about the spectacular dance energy that was the Art Brut party Monday night at the Cradle (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I’m leider zu zu zu schleppend. 

Ach.  As they say. 

Vielleicht später? 


…and Happy Birthday, Mrs. McGowan, where ever you are!  Perhaps all I really needed tonight was one of your infamous jabs to the diaphram! 






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