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WXYC Friday, November 6, 2009 7-9pm

Generally, I say there are about 13 tunes played in any given WXYC musical hour.  You know, on average.  Perhaps due to my entry point into rotation, there were but 16 tunes in this 2-hour shift. 

Submitted for your perusal, the text record for this show of the long tunes:

6/11/9 19:00-21:00

Thanks for the many fine requests.  I believe I got ’em all in, thems’ I could find, anyways, long-tune-syndrome notwithstanding. 

And yep, I played the whole 17:17 of the Eternal Tapestry B side.  I was not in the mood to exerpt it in any way, whatsoever, because it’s just that good, and I really wanted to hear the whole thing without breaks or interruptions.  Hopefully I wasn’t alone in that, which was perhaps the dominant selection affecting the total tunage, N, for this evening. 

And yeah, I’m a tad down… I can’t believe the Phillies folded up like a damned old webbed aluminum lawn chair, this week.  I mean, Cliff Lee got them started out so sweet and solid—on Yankee turf, even—and then they go ***home*** and roll over like a littering of hognosed snakes.  Except Chase.  At least he hung in there.

Here’s to February 2010.  And whaddaya know: Looks like some pitchers and catchers report on my birthday, this time around. 






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