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WXYC (XMASsacre!) Friday, December 18, 2009 3pm-midnight

The XMASsacre took place during the 8 hours in the middle of this shift:

18/12/9 15:00-24:00

There were awesome requests and lots of calls as there always have been… seemed to be more than last year, for real, and there were definitely some challenge requests I couldn’t meet this time, but hopefully by next year, I’ll have ’em in hand.  That “I Am Santa’ to the tune of “Iron Man” has me especially intrigued!  I really was pretty sure we’d have a CD with the atypical EJ tune on it, but the 3 comps I had in mind did not satisfy.  It may shake out by next year, too.

Thanks for lissnin, thanks for requesting, and thanks with special seasonal joy for (finally) making The Kinks’ “Father Christmas” winner of best all-time holiday tune.  I think we really did break the 7th seal!

…I’ll update the real XMASsacre page later, I’m too tired to deal with it at the moment…


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