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WXYC Thursday, January 14, 2010 4:30-6pm

We split this particular sign-up in half.  Here’s what I did with my half:

14/01/10 15:30-18:00

I think I’m coming down with some kind of sinus infection, so I was feeling weird and slightly blech throughout this lil quickie, though I don’t think it reflected in the set.  I’ll find out if it came off well when I listen to it, later. 

I *did* play very nearly a full hour of stuff sans speaking, however, and that *was* a factor of not feeling great.  I managed to get a request, however, despite almost not speaking, and a fun one, at that! Thanks!

I’ll be here tomorrow for the usual, despite this annoying sinus, itchy, sneezy stuff that’s also up to no good around my lymph nodes (neck) and at the back of my throat.  If I’m not doing talksets at all, you’ll know why…

Bis morgen abend!








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