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WXYC Friday, January 15, 2010 6:45-9pm

Aye, the sickness, ’tis upon me. 

Evil, foul, bacterial sinus infection from hell. 

Had I not slept all day, I’d have made it to the doctor for a hook-up with my old friend, Erythrocin, or even my relatively new friend, Penicillin, who hated me as a child.  But alas, timing was such I had no choice but to spread the vile microbes throughout my environment sans the tools of biochemical warfare. 

It was show or no-show, and no-show was simply not an option (from a Kantian perspective).  (Yeah, yeah.  I hear you.  But let me say this about that: From a Kantian perspective, don’t even engage an argument of the morality of spreading disease.  It’s a conundrum, already.) 

Curse you, gram-negative invaders of the mucous membranes!

Anyways, things started out OK, and I don’t know if it was because I was sick, or what… Well.  Here.  Let me post the link for the flowsheet, and I’ll pick up with the diatribe, afterwards:

15/01/10 18:45-21:00

OK.  Now where was I? 

Oh yeah, requests.

The Shatner request was awesome.  The Haiti request encompassed all that is grand and glorious about WXYC, at least from this dj’s perspective.  Exploration, discovery, all in real time, and the immediate result of direct contact.  You ain’t gonna get that on any Clear Channel station, that’s for damned sure.  Things started out quite good, indeed.

I also want to be clear that all the requests I’ve had over the past two weeks have been collectively stellar.

Tonight, however, it began to play out as if I had been thrust, Dr. Sam Beckett style, into a WXYC Tuesday night 9-midnight shift.  I also want to plainly state that I have often enjoyed listening Tuesday night 9-midnight at WXYC, since 1623, or whenever the start date was. 

I’ve been listening to xyc anytime I’ve been in the area since 1984, so since then, let’s say.  There was a weekend road-trip up, in Fall 1984.  I don’t remember what I may have heard, I didn’t know it was WXYC, I just knew you had to tune to the left of 92 FM to find decent radio whereever you may have been in the US.  I do remember there was about 1/2 an inch of snow on the ground on that trip, so you can do the math, if you like.  I played music with some people, who included Joe, who worked at the Chapel Hill News, and I believe he’s still around playing in old-time circles.  Can’t remember his last name, now.  You know who you are, tho’.  I helped (Bread & Butter) Melanie tune her fiddle.  wow. 25 years… ANYWAYS!

Eh.  I feel like bacterially-infected blech.  I’m cutting straight to the chase.

The only radio dj born before 1970 whom I would ever openly welcome a listener request to mimic is Steven Prazak. 

In fact, if someone has an old flowsheet of a Prazak show, I would probably be willing to play it tune-for-tune.  Even a crappy Prazak show.

Oh fuck.  As soon as I write that, I remember Knox Abbott.  I don’t know that I could faithfully pull off a Musical Mutiny, tho’.  Send me a Mutiny flowsheet, give me time to practice, and I’ll give it a shot.  If I successfully do it, you may not want to be around me afterwards.  We’re talking major ego soar.  And ego conflict.  I’m sure old Knox Abbott would be one cranky motherfucker if word got around to him.  He’s safe, though, we don’t really have any way to play any type of magnetic tape over-the-air directly from the WXYC control room these days…

So.  The deal. 

I do love our collective listeners.  I do love collective requests.  I do not, however, love being besieged by listeners who think that WXYC should sound like any given show.  That is why I am a dj here.  Because of the brilliant, colloidal quality of our uniformly heterogenous nonblock format. 

I think it’s most important to emphasize that WXYC has become the dichotomy/contradiction/existential whatsit that it is, even while being directed by those who would never choose to purchase or listen to a great deal of what we play.  I suspect the brilliance being recognition and respect of the importance of uniquity in existence.

Over the years, it is obvious I have several soft spots for several golden oldies, from pretty much every decade, and to quote the Byrds quoting the Bible, of all bizarre things, there is a time, there is a purpose…

…but I’m taking this moment in this time to state, in no uncertain terms, that I am not interested in any airtime I am allotted morphing into a souped-up version of 70’s AOR.  I (obviously) may become highly agitated if efforts are made to shape my airtime, thusly.  Not opposed to perhaps a TNF of 70’s AOR, not opposed to any other dj who enjoys playing stuff like that, but it’s not me, never will be.

Cut straight to the chase, but then I ended up panning out across the forest, as usual. (shaking congested head w/runny nose)

Yeah, I’m ill.

…wait for it…    …wait for it…    …you know it’s coming…

    …wait for it…

…so thanks to everyone fer lissnin!  and thanks fer all the requests! 




(A paradox that perhaps Immanuel would appreciate.)















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