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Re: requests

I’ve thought about this since Friday, and wtf, I’m gonna say it. 

If you *really* want to hear Bob Dylan, you should probably call some other dj or some other radio station. 

It’s not that I patently will not play him, it’s just that most of the time, I can’t bring myself to endure the annoyance of Bob Dylan, in general. 

I’ve never liked Bob Dylan; I was tormented by someone I didn’t like, already, who played his music incessantly through “stereo” speakers that no automobile manufacturer would have considered putting in the dashboard of their cheapest model for mono AM radio; finally, the motherfucker stole one of my signature traditional tunes, such that 5 years ago, someone said to me, “Oh, the Dylan tune…” which is most definitely *not* a Dylan tune (it comes from the 17th or 18th century), and it’s way cooler than Dylan, period.  It’s cooler than me, too, but I got the humility to know it, whereas I doubt Dylan does. 

Thanks to his requisition of this tune, I now have the potential problem of some people assuming I learned this thing through some Dylan recording; *my* assumption is that since I learned it from a person (Dan Harmon), it will *not* sound at all like Dylan’s version, but I don’t know.  The chording I use is a little funky and moves between sharps and naturals in an atypical fashion, so I tend to think my way (via Dan Harmon) is likely more complex than whatever Dylan has figured out. 

No, I have never listened to Dylan’s version. 

Discovering he added it to one of his recordings has pissed me off so much that I’ve decided I’d like to never hear his version.  I’ve been successful, so far.  And I do not name it here because I don’t think Dylan ranks being associated with it by name.  For real.  The poser.

So, now you understand a little more about my aversion to Dylan, and why I do not welcome requests for his stuff.  I will play them, sometimes.  One of my lifetime best friends loves him.  I consider it one of the foilbles that becomes endearing, in her case.  But generally speaking, yeah.  Dylan = total bring-down, man. 

I say, take cues from his grandson’s kindergarten class and act accordingly.






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