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WXYC Tuesday, January 19, 2010 3-6am

Sign-ups nearing the end… and I get to pull at least one 3-6am, but the first hour of this was totally throw-away.  Well, that may be a bit harsh, and not entirely true, because I enjoyed listening to what I played, but I wasn’t really doing anything, just letting a 37 minute tune play all the way through, and actually it got started over, from the beginning a couple times, because I hit buttons while it was playing.  Here’s the link to the flowsheet, per usual:

19/01/10 03:00-06:00

I’m not entirely recovered from the evil sinus infection I battled last week, and the dj before me this morning is ill with a different strain of what appears to be a viral (cold) infection, and since I’m not in any mood to have multiple bouts with a variety of microbial and viral sparring partners, I went down the hall to get all the industrial strength hand sanitizer I could carry on a bathroom paper-handtowel, and I was wiping *every*thing down. 

I mean Evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv’rything. 

So I hit buttons on the CD player while it was playing and messed stuff up a couple few times between 3 and 4am.  But I didn’t care.  No more sickness for Richard!  That was my motivation. 

I can tell ya, I don’t think *any*thing has been cleaned in here since Nicole’s management ended back in 2005.  Or was that 2006?  I mean truly grody, solid gunk on lots of surfaces we touch, every few seconds.  I cleaned the stuff I touch, but that’s not that much, in comparison.  This place could use a good, old-fashioned Nicole-directed&enforced scrub-down.  Whilst trying to sanitize the area I would be working in, I was surprised I haven’t gotten sick with something before now.  I guess all this chronic exposure to the microscopic flora and fauna of xyc has provided me with a generally stronger immunity?

So, after the contained decontamination, starting about 4am, I got back down to regular WXYC dj business, but I suppose the 40 minutes of a single tune might also be considered regular WXYC dj business?  More of *my* definition of “regular”… let’s say that. 

Got a request, even, and that’s a neat and happy thing between 3-6am. 

…speaking of which, regarding my diatribe from last Friday’s show, I do want to make an additional clarification: 

That screed was brought-on, not by a single caller, but as a result of *several* different callers. 

I gots no idea what prompted so many requests of a particular style, but it was simply over-the-top, and weird.  I mean, it was like there was a large listening party on a Tuesday night between 9pm and midnight, and everyone was calling from this same party.  I’d suspect a prank if I hadn’t recognized some of the callers as regular listeners who were definitely *not* pranking.  What can I say? Like I said… me=Dr. Sam Beckett, in a special Quantum Leap WXYC episode, “Richard’s Friday Night(mare)”.  There *are* worse nightmares. WKNC springs to mind, for some reason…

So, I know my final caller Friday night knew what was going on, as far as me being fed up, because he heard as much, as soon as I answered the phone.  And by his own admission, he, too, was joining in the throng, but he spared me the request once he discerned my, uh, “condition.” 

(shaking head) 

Seriously, man, what on earth happened?  I must assume that somehow my sinus infection was a catalyst to the cascade.

Eternal Return, indeed.

I think I’m coming back in for a 6-8am tomorrow, before resuming the old Friday 19-21 slot.








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