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WXYC Friday, April 9, 2010 7-9pm

Got one of my favorite kinds of requests for this show tonight:  


9/4/10 19:00-21:00


Yes, this evening the utterly open-ended request for something vague, yet concrete, and in a sphere of which I am slightly familiar, which may require (brief, easy) research, so we all learn something in the process, *and* it totally ties a set together in a completely unplanned way = “some west coast psyche-pop stuff (60’s),” a request that was further qualified by the listener/requester as an effort to expand knowledge of the genre.  More concisely, one might call it “The Exploratory Request”…  and the thing *I* learned is that Kaleidoscope came out of *southern* California; I’d always felt theirs was a more northern sound, regardless their longitudinal bearing.

Another cool thing for me in this show, was my idea to play Kottke’s Owls, which revealed it to be a tune that has summarily had a discernible impact on my own approach to acoustic guitar (however, sans any slide-work).  I know I listened to it alot when I was first learning, but I’d pretty much forgotten about that, and of course I was nowhere near being able to even begin any of those licks back then.  The seeds of some of the trills and the right hand stuff apparently took root over the years. Like, whoa, and like, wow.

My alpha and omega of cool for the evening: I had an excuse to play ITYOTP twice since they were playing at Nightlight. With regards to Jamón, in terms of CMJ, and borrowing the words of Stuart Davis (circa Sentinel): “…TO THE TOP!”










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