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WXYC Friday, April 16, 2010 7-9pm

Tomorrow’s our semesterly 80’s dance, and again… well, you’ll see, if you didn’t already hear:  


16/4/10 19:00-21:00


I wasn’t even thinking about the 80’s dance when I played The Jazz Butcher… it didn’t hit me till the Parker/Drake reminded me of The Violent Femmes, and I defy anyone to sit still during “Add It Up”…

Man.  I just realized something. No one under 40 would willingly attend a 50’s dance back in the 80’s, unless it was like some middle/grammar school thing brainstormed by parents and chaperones… no one, I *knew*, anyways. Actually, the people I knew who were 40-and-over back then would likewise shun a 50’s dance… timewise, the 80’s are now analogue to the 50’s of my childhood.  Ack.  Well.  The Beatles (now Vatican approved!) have had more cross-generational appeal than Frank Sinatra, so I reckon that means the 80’s aren’t so antiquated, even if it *was* 30 years ago.

Yeah, so I played an 80’s dance set, and damn it… well, I hadn’t thought about it being pre-80’s before I got in the seat, but damned if I haven’t played Paralysed and Give Me The Drugs (yeah, yeah) two consecutive springs.  I’ve played Give Me The Drugs three consecutive semesters, but I’ll rationalize: like whoelse is gonna play the Beat, but me?

Speaking of the Beat, the entries in the setlist are out of order… I played The Beat *after* Men Without Hats, and Mw/oH came *after* Skinny Puppy… and I completely left The Beat out in the backlisting during the talkset.



Anyways, that’s a wrap for this week!








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