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WXYC Friday, May 28, 2010 6-9pm

And now, I’m up-to-date, blogwise:  


28/5/10 18:00-21:00


I’ve been listening to this show the whole time I’ve been updating the blog (I’d not entered my shows from May 14, 21, or 22, plus you know I’ve been messin’ ‘roun’ doin’ other stuff with breaksnall, so yeah, a couple hours), and I vote a [big fat HELLA hellz]^(fuckin’ yeah, man!)! 


I think I probably should not have allowed that entire 20+ minute thing to play through from the start of the show.  And that Jim White tune: I didn’t like it when it was playing over-the-air in real time, and I couldn’t bear to sit through it today, either.  I tried.  It was more than 7 minutes long, too.  Ack.  Were it 2 or 3 minutes, it would not have left such a lasting, unpleasant impression.

I’m not sure why the person who requested that Jim White tune told me I’d like it.  Let’s be just fkn brutally honest.  I detest crap like that.  Souped-up *easy-listening* 70’s AOR is what that was.  Man.  I realize it was a request, but I decided it may have been a prank, or maybe someone making requests who doesn’t actually listen to WXYC.  We get those.  People who don’t even listen to the radio, ever, calling and making requests because they’re bored and lonely.  If I’m wrong with both those theories, I’d be interested in knowing why on earth, Requester, you thought *I* would like that.  I can’t imagine how anyone who has heard my radio shows—even just the one I was doing when I got the request—would believe I might like something like that…

Ah, but those two things excluded!  I loved this show! 

…and I should mention there was later a request for the Velvet Underground which worked magic.  It usually requires a request to get me to play the Velvet Underground.  I requested so much VU when I was a teenager and into my 20’s I tend to skip it now that I’m a dj, but it ain’t b/c I don’t love it (I do) nor b/c I think it’s not worthy (it *is*). 

So, currently I’m in the middle of “My Generation” from Live At Leeds…

and I really, really, really, really thank Andy for the CD he brought! This is even greater than the Rob-Coiner-gifted AC/DC Power Age (only b/c Pete > Bon + Angus), and the Aaron-Wellman-gifted Zeppelin set (which was of equally great or greater benefit to the station b/c all our Zeppelin is scratched vinyl, but I’m not really a Zeppelin fan).

…and by now I’m all the way up to the Future Islands, so I’ve heard it all, and yes sir:
I *like* it! 


I just remembered! 

I ended with Devo!  OMG!


This was definitely a fun show… oh yeah.. here comes the Devo segue…
it’s a beautiful world!

Cyaz nochmal Freitag abend!  Tschüß!










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