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WXYC Friday, June 11, 2010 6-9pm

I may have alienated all my listeners last week with that dreadful show I did, to the point they’re all gone, now, save but one.   I’m basing this theory on the facts that I had but one single caller this evening, with his one request for Stormy Monday, and my inability to listen to last week’s show in it’s entirety, which is the first time I’ve ever had that problem.  I’m not kidding about any of those points.  sigh.  Oh well. 

Tonight’s show, as I type, I think was very, very good, but I haven’t heard it yet. 

Gaze with me, if you will, at the text record for this evening’s selections:


11/6/10 18:00-21:00


I’ll come back and enter a verdict after I hear this thing.  I know I missed a couple of kind of important cues, but I hit more than I missed, so I’m most optimistic. 

>>>Optimism affirmed; This 6/11 show is definitely “more like it.” Wheeeeeee!<<<

Till next next time… wait, no… till *forever* I’m just going to say that last week’s broadcast *does*not*exist*!

Moving on, starting from scratch, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

P.S. If I haven’t alienated all of you, thanks for putting up with that mess from last week, DNE or no.










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