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WXYC Friday, July 2, 2010 6-9pm

Lightning Bolt playing at 506 tonight was all the excuse I needed to play Lightning Bolt every hour.  It’s been too damned long since they played in town. 

2/7/10 18:00-21:00

We also continued our Hella West Coast report with WXYC Ethnographic Correspondent, Peter Pendergrass, who is on summer assignment in Oakland, California.  The news he brought us from his Pride Fest experiences last weekend: the huge headlining act for the festival, The Backstreet Boys, aside from looking really old, performed but two tunes before leaving the stage, coming back to do a brief a capella piece as encore, but that was it.  Peter said some boos broke out, but subsided… probably because everyone realized it was The Backstreet Boys, so what can you really expect?  In their own words: “ain’t nothin’ but a big mistake…”  and then something about they want it that way…

Ya know what I’d like to see?  Battle of the Bands: Lightning Bolt vs. Backstreet Boys.  Have the medics close by, cuz I think the Boys might need some universal health care after it’s over. =)

8 July 2010 17:33
Woo-hoo!  It’s done!  All the mp3s of the call-in segments will now be linked at the new Hella West Coast Report blog, in addition to images and other stuff related to Peter’s experiences over yonner in Cal-if-or-knee-uh! Click it n check it! It’s already got pictures ‘n’ stuff! (mp3s will be linked at drop.io)










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