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WXYC Friday, July 23 2010 6-9pm

Yeppers, here ih ’tis: 

23/7/10 18:00-21:00

Believe it or don’t I’m not in much a mood to really comment on this show…   I think it overall went pretty well, and tonight’s penultimate Hella West Coast Report went exactly the way I’d envisioned it at the start.  Do check the separate blog for that (linked on the right over there… see it? yeah…), cuz Peter’s made a couple entries…

One final thing I must say before I run off, is the request for Yo-Yo Ma was a bit of a trip, cuz I’d secretly decided I was playing some cello tonight, and I remembered that Donkey, and the request for the Yo-Yo Ma came so that I was able to link a couple cello tunes together. There was a Cale tune that has cello that I wanted to play, too, but I wasn’t able to find it in time, so I went with the Trouble With Classicists…

OK, well, that’s it for me for now… I’ll play at you guys next Friday, and then we’ll be in the heart of the final summer sign-ups, so I’ll likely be doing some extra shows here and there…

Till then, try to keep cool!










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