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WXYC Friday, July 30 2010 6-9pm

After all that writing about metal, one might think I’d be over-the-top tonight.  nope. I’m blaming the no-sleep condition.  It doesn’t usually affect me like it has tonight.  The no-sleep/different affect thing is true, but for those who are thinking, “what a lame-o excuse!” …yes.  That, too.  Here’s the usual text flowsheet link:

30/7/10 18:00-21:00

The sixth and final Hella West Coast Report took place tonight; Peter will be back on the East Coast, back in town, by the time I do my next (regular) show. If you haven’t already, you *really* oughta click that link down there on the right, under the calendar

For Summer 2010:    

Hella West Coast Report

where you’ll find
further links in *that* blog to many of the the places Peter has been, with photos,
mp3s for each of the tunes he has featured, and *aaaaaalllll* a’dat good kinda stuff.
It’s lots more colorful. Check it!

OK.  I’m going home and going to sleep.  I may elaborate on this tomorrow or something.

Oh, wait… one more thing… I put it all together waaaaay late in the game, but my synapses finally fired… Shout out to all my callers who I know must have pupils big as eggs about now!  Hope you’re all enjoying a pleasant trip. 

Peace out fer now.










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