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Roger Maris still holds the only true, official major league baseball record for most homeruns in a single season: 61.

Here are the current true, official mlb leaders for lifetime homeruns:

1.) Hank Aaron——–755
2.) Babe Ruth———714
3.) Willie Mays——–660
4.) Ken Griffey, Jr.—-630
5.) Brooks Robinson—-586
6.) Jim Thome———577
7.) Harmon Killebrew—573
8.) Reggie Jackson—–563
9.) Mike Schmidt——-548
10.) Micky Mantle——-536
11.) Jimmie Foxx——–534
12.) Ted Williams/Willie McCovey/Frank Thomas–521
13.) Ernie Banks/Eddie Matthews–512
14.) Mel Ott—————511
15.) Gary Sheffield———509
16.) Eddie Murray———504
17.) Lou Gehrig———493

Before I even turn an *accidental* eye towards the likes of Bonds, McGwire, A-Rod, et al, I believe we’d all be better served by rewriting history (if we’re gonna be “bending” rules) and giving slots to the homerun leaders of the Negro Leagues. Since it’s all but in the books that Griffey, Jr. won’t make it to 756, The next possible non-Hank all-time homerun leader can ***only*** be Josh Gibson.

Days like today, I can’t help but hate Bud Selig even more.

That’s it.


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