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WXYC Friday, August 6 2010 6-9pm

August 6, 1945 ~8:15am the citizens of Hiroshima were destroyed by the first atom bomb.  I decided today was a good opportunity to put a more direct emphasis on the “education” in our Non-Commercial Educational FCC broadcast license, so I brought in some audio of President Harry Truman’s radio broadcasts, and some other topical tunes. 
Also, I finally did the audit of our on-going adventure in Hyrule, and knew exactly which levels and dungeons we were working, so even that part was more educational than usual! 
Here’s the text of the setlist:


6/8/10 18:00-21:00*


There were several calls about the Hiroshima theme, and one caller actually asked who it was speaking (during Harry Truman’s radio address), and seemed to be doing research on it while we were talking.  I’m glad I did this, but I have to say, I’m very disappointed with all the major news/media outlets in the US.  I don’t think I was the “alarm clock show” for *that* many of my listeners, and many people seemed to have moved through the entire day, never having heard or seen a hint of today’s 65th anniversary.  Is it because the rest of the media didn’t want to remind us, especially since we’re in it up to our earlobes in the Middle East?  I mean, just a line on Yahoo News or Google, or where ever, one would think…




Meanwhile, yo, mammas!  This week we triumphed over the cyclops spider that shoots fireballs out her eye, and the unicorn dragon thing.  We now have 7 pieces of Tri-force, so next week we really ought to be able to finish up, make it to Death Mountain and save Princess Zelda.

Finally, tonight’s Inside Track was absolutely to die for! 
Fire Witch

  on the We Empty Rooms label.

Thanks for listening and thanks for all the calls and the requests.  …and btw, if there’s another Horseback CD/album we oughta have… maybe say something to Jenks?  After I finished, I spent a few minutes looking more throughly, and we’ve only got the 7″…

…and suddenly I remember I meant to say something about Monday’s upcoming show at the Cradle!  Damn! …well… It’s technically Cynic’s show on August 9, 2010, but Dysrhythmia is the opening band… it’s one of the exceedingly rare times I will be seen at the Cradle early, no matter what it takes.  The CD we have for Dysrhythmia ain’t got nuttin’ on their live show.  So yeah, the CD may give you an idea, but live, these guys from PA will blow you away.  The drummer will use three drumsticks at once, playing three different rhythms on three different pieces.  I’ve seen them twice at Go! Room 4… so it’s been awhile, yeah, but I’m not even sure if they’ve played the Triangle since then… maybe Raleigh or Greensboro…
If you got time, Monday night, and you need the rock: Cradle.



*  Flowsheet correction/addition: Right after
Reverend Douglas Bell & The Stage Cruisers Nuclear Blast Nuclear Blast BIG LEGAL MESS

Can A Spectacle Deustsche Elektronische Musick 1972-1984 Soul Jazz

Sorry about leaving that out :/








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