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NASA song contest = VOTE for METALLICA!!!

OK, so NASA is running a bifurcated song contest to celebrate the final 2 shuttle trips…

1.) They’re inviting the world to compose the tune that will be used as the official wake-up tune for the mission. (word to Caltrop, Colossus, Ruscha, Black Skies, Monsonia, Wizzerds of Rhyme, etc., etc., etc.) (To be played for the final shuttle mission, STS-134)

2.) They’re holding a vote for the world to choose the best of the past wake-up tunes from 40 previous shuttle missions. (To be played for the next-to-last shuttle mission, STS-133)

I provide this link to my readers with the expectation that they will all go and do the correct thing, i.e., vote for the only tune on the list that is worthy of waking people who are orbiting the planet:

Enter Sandman by Metallica

Right now, the Star Trek Theme is winning by a large margin (~83K votes to Metallica’s ~6K), and unfortunately Rush is pulling a strong 2nd… and before you Rush fans get all excited, that Rush tune is a foppish prancing romp through a daisy garden… is that *really* what you’d want to hear to shake you out of bed when you’re beyond the confines of gravity???  No!  And the Star Trek Theme, like the Star Wars theme, is simply too clichéd, and you know it.  Also, all you Trekkies—who have no doubt mastered a hack to log 20 votes for every single vote cast—again… think about this… who among you has *ever* chosen that Trek theme tune as a ***wake-up song***?  It starts out too quietly, never sets a tempo at or above a resting heart rate, and **then** there’s that woman going ♫ ah-ee-ah-ooo ♫.  That’s not a wake-up tune.  It’s a thing you play *after* you’ve waken, showered, dressed, packed, loaded your gear and turned on the ignition of your vehicle just before you begin your voyage.  Nevermind how the astronauts’ mission is to stay in orbit about the earth, in a space station where many, many men (and women) have gone before.  The Star Trek theme song is just wrong, on all the most important elements that are essential to a “wake-up song,” especially one for people headed for a mission in an orbiting space station with a lengthy working history.

So go do something hostile and righteous, and vote for that Metallica tune.

Vote early, vote often, voting ends November 1, 2010. 
(You’ve got till January 10, 2011 to compose a tune for the final mission).







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