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To the person who requested Th’Cigaretz 08/28/2010 ~19:00 or so

…you didn’t tell me how to spell it…
Maybe you, like me, didn’t know? 

Anyways, I was the best speller in my grade through 8th grade, and then different schools led to a different lifestyle, so spelling bees fell along the wayside… my point being, if it’s spelt funky, I may not be able to find it in the database, at least not during the show.

Fucking around this afternoon, avoiding important tasks, I remembered the request, did a web search, think I stumbled on a Matt Barrett webpage which had Th’Cigarettes, and I decided I’d give the old * search a shot in our database, i.e., cigar*, and there it is: Th’Cigaretz.

If the vinyl is indeed in the station, as reported by the database, and if the requested track is on the vinyl, I’ll play it this coming Friday. Otherwise, I’ll just play something else from the vinyl.

I sense Th’ Cigaretz were avoiding something like a court-ordered name change to The American Cigarettes…

and yes, I know I haven’t listed the link to last Friday’s trainwreck yet… I’ll get around to it soon enough.


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