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WXYC Friday, October 1, 2010 7-9pm

Quick link to tonight’s setlist text:

1/10/10 19:00-21:00


Finally!  I remembered to play Th’Cigaretz!  I kept forgetting, and no one ever called to remind me… so… another Besser Spät Als Nie™ Production.


Also, I felt compelled to try to let you guys know about the government’s plan to slice a little deeper into our rights to privacy.  Here are few links to get you started, or if you’d prefer, alls ya gotta do is hit up yr fave search engine, and search for Obama, privacy, wiretap.  The story originally broke September 27, 2010.  If you care, *now* is the time to start getting on top of stopping it… waiting till spring is not a good idea.

So you can see this is not some new agenda his administration is pursuing, you may want to check my blog entry from October 18, 2008, referencing the head of my list, i.e., HR 6304, and also, here’s an old article from April 2009, consistent with his earlier vote on HR 6304, and consistent with the breaking news of September 27, 2010:
In Warrantless Wiretapping Case, Obama DOJ’s New Arguments Are Worse Than Bush’s


Now for this week:
Government Seeks Back Door Into All Our Communications

Obama Can Has Interwebz Wiretap (too sweet a title, nicht wahr?)


Even Britain’s covering the story; from the Daily Mail:
Obama demands online wiretap bill to allow spooks to eavesdrop on BlackBerries and social networking sites








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