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[All-Hallow’s-Eve]-Eve Eve Setlist!


29/10/10 19:00-21:00


So I decided a couple weeks ago, stealthing about checking out other stations around the country (mainly KALX), that maybe I’d do a slightly All Hallow’s Eve themy-thang, cuz it seemed like all the rest of the left-handed radio djs in the world were doing it, and for some reason, I was overcome with a desire to do what everyone else is doing.  Down to outright set-lifting, in some instances.  I think it all started to form, tho’, because of my “discovery” on that Drumfounded CD…

About a month ago, whilst working a Drumfounded tune into a mix for my WXYC mentee, I stumbled across the tune, “Happy Halloween,” on Drumfounded’s deftly entitled EarlyEars CD:

Somehow, over 5 years, I’d never noticed that tune on the CD before (prolly cuz when I’ve played it, it’s never been so close to All Hallow’s Eve). 

…and now what totally kicks my ass is I started writing this blog last weekend, forgot I did it, and in the process of forgetting I had “pre-written,” I also forgot about playing the Drumfounded CD, and on the very night I meant to play it.  I have been sick all week, so I suppose that’s some kind of an excuse. Anyways, I may head back up to the station and see if I can’t strong-arm some other dj to play Drumfounded’s Halloween tune. I love this EarlyEars CD.  I really, really do.  I so wanted to play this tune.  I still got 2 days to figure it out.



…and the request for The Shaggs’ “It’s Halloween” tune ought have triggered the Drumfounded cascade, but it didn’t so I suppose I need to get over it already.


Got a request for Drunks With Guns, “Zombie.”  Requester almost seemd to think I might not play it, or even… might not like it????  Me?  Who figured out a way to work Drunks With Guns into my Hiroshima Day radio show?  Drunks With Guns have a perpetual lease in their own special wonderful subdivision of my heart.

Used Negative Format under the talksets, and played Momentum, free & clear of any talking, as promised last week. Next week, I’ll play the Probe tune, and that may be it for awhile.  I do like the Negative Format, tho’.

Hey Andy! (sif he even ever reads this), thanks for having the Cradle show blank tonight (show was cancelled); this was like one of *maybe* 5 times a show cancellation was removed from our free tix give-away in 8 years.  The only thing worse than having callers inform the dj the show’s cancelled (but believe me, I’m grateful when callers do), is the uninformed dj giving away passes to listeners who likewise don’t know, who show up at the venue only to discover the show’s cancelled.  Thank you for sparing me the embarassment, and them the wasted trip.

Generally, this Halloween lemming-type show was alot of fun.  I was able to find everything I expected in our library, despite my personal lapse of memory with Drumfounded, and except for the Smashing Pumpkins CD that someone requested. 

Whatelse?  Had one of our newbies sittin’ in, discovering we have a third CD player we can use.  How’s about that! =)

Oh!  Earlier in the week, in bold defiance of my illness, I dosed up on taurine, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, B vitamins, calcium and my bestest, tightest old friend, caffeine (also there was serious pre-hydrating going on with focused high protein consumption), and I attended the formal face melting that went down at the Cradle on Wednesday, October 27.  Kylesa opened, Torche mediated, and High On Fire set it off…
nevermind the Giants were totally pwning the Rangers on the big screen in the bar between sets.  It was like a holy-roller tent revival HEAL!-experience. 

Kylesa (live) – Nature’s Predators – 09-21-09
Kylesa performing “Nature’s Predators” live on September 21, 2009 at Hi-Tone Cafe, Memphis, Tennessee.

(Laura stuck with the goldtop at the Cradle, but I like the guitar in this clip: aluminum neck custom-dealy from the Electrical Guitar Co. w/Seymour Duncan pups.) 
Kylesa also had a freaky light show to match the cover of their new CD, Spiral Shadow:

I came home feeling completely well and generally fantastic.  Adrenalin + endorphins from jumping around to solid walls of CORE tungsten enhanced by my impromptu biochem cocktail truly may have given eyesight to the blind, especially in conjunction with that light show. 

Didn’t last through my sleep tho’.  Woke up w/o a voice (I didn’t do any yelling at the show, it was a new phase of the bug), a dry cough, and weird sinus issues, in addition to the fever and crap.  I’ve *still* got that aggravating, dry, itchy cough, and a headache, and I feel “muffled,” but it’s on the way out, whatever it is. 

I shall surely be 100% for Man …Or Astroman?  when they come into town next Saturday, November 6… Next weekend is gonna rock!

As always, thanks fer callin’, thanks fer lissnin’!                                                                                                  








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  1. wallernotweller

    I saw em live recently. amazing:

    Saturday, October 30, 2010 ... 5:32 at 5:32

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