WXYC Chapel Hill, NC 89.3FM – Monday 3:00-6:00pm ET – www.wxyc.org

WXYC Friday, November 5, 2010 7-9pm

Setlist be there, in blue:


5/11/10 19:00-21:00


(Disclaimer: I wrote this before I did the show, so if you’re reading this Friday night or Saturday morning, it’ll prolly change by Sunday.  In the meantime, that up there is what I played, and this down here is the music I’m hopped up for.)

This week we had one more Negative Format tune, but that’s prolly it, at least for awhile. 

Tonight, the very loud, heavy petroglyphics are at Nightlight:
Black Skies  / Cough (Relapse Records) / Resister (Greensboro) – 9:30 PM
That should be plenty of heat, a little hot lava for this otherwise chilly Friday night.




Tomorrow night’s the thing I’ve been waiting for, not just for the past few weeks, but actually ever since they cancelled that show at the Cradle a few years ago, immediately before they stopped being a band.  I really thought MoAM were finished forever; I’m totally psyched I’ll get to see them again, after all.  (Last time I saw ’em was at Kings in Raleigh, I think it was 2002, and they had that giant Tesla Coil, *and* the AppleWriter II.)

Man Or Astro-Man?


  Man Or Astro-Man?


  Fiend Without a Face (featuring Brent from Mastodon)   music

  Nightmare Waterfall

Doors: 8:30PM

Show: 9:30PM



Looks like another one of those shows when I really need to be there early… let’s hope.

As always, thanks fer callin’, thanks fer lissnin’!                                                                                                  








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