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Best ever application of Harvey Danger

(Originally posted 15:26 November 18, 2010; date changed to keep it up top for awhile longer)
I can not believe it has taken almost ten years for someone to compose and post this combination of Invader Zim video with the classic Harvey Danger tune, “Flagpole Sitta.”
*note 1: I don’t think this video will play within this blog, so click to view it directly at Youtube; some property rights/copyright issue involved. w/e Just watch it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYbhYATPJ70

*note 2: The person who did this originally credited the tune to Lit, with the wrong title, but the proper credit to Harvey Danger is there in the “official” youtube citation.  Just reaffirming this is Harvey Danger, “Flagpole Sitta.”  Just in case anyone is confused.

Since this YouTube video was posted over the summer and (as of November 18, 2010) *still* hasn’t hit 1000 views… wtf!  has everyone forgotten about Zim already?  Seriously, this mashup deserves some love from all you miserable, filthy, stinking human worm babies:

Watch Now!
Spread it and share it!  
Giant radioactive rubber pants command you!
Do not ignore these veins!






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