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Yes, yes, I know I’ve not updated in over a month…

(OK, so it’s now 22 December 2010, and all the radio shows’ links from November 12-December 17’s X-MASsacre have been entered… what follows is what I wrote back on December 14, when I hadn’t entered anything since November 5, or thereabouts))

I had this amazingly well-composed and laid-out thing to update the sparse November 12 entry, and b/c it was an update, not a new blog, somehow, when I hit preview, it re-wrote the entire damned thing to the sparsely-written entry, and all my new work was lost.  And I’d not been saving a back-up to notepad like I sometimes do when I’ve got images and multi-colors and all that going on; besides, I was sure there was a back-up being saved to disk through the wordpress app.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  In fact, last week, I almost lost my updates to the Invader Zim/Harvey Danger entry.  My Invader Zim experience gave me an opportunity to try to understand what went wrong back in November, but the only answer I could find was “when updating previous entries, prolly better to write it all out in notepad and save it, before you try to upload any change at wordpress.

You may notice the November 12 entry to which I refer is not even currently displayed (fyi I’m writing this December 14, 2010).  I got so angry when I lost all that work, I switched it over to an unpublished draft, said “to hell with this; I’ll pick it up when I have two hours again.”  By the time I had two hours, however, I’d lost the inspiration.  So I have been disheartened by the wordpress blog, and a little pissed about it, which has made it easy to ignore wordpress, not write, not even leave the simple drop-n-go’s I sometimes do. 

I *have* done a radio show every Friday since my last published entry, and I’ll enter at least a drop-n-go for each of those, soon, but not until sometime after…

…on WXYC Friday, December 17, 2010 3:30-11:30pm EST…

Don’t miss it!
(More on X-MASsacre VIII coming very soon… since I only got like a couple days, very very very soon.)


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