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WXYC (XMASsacre!) Friday, December 17, 2010 3-midnight

The XMASsacre took place during the 8 hours in the middle of this shift:

17/12/10 15:00-24:00


…ya know, after the second X-MASsacre, there was a question whether there’d be oil to fuel any future sleighing…

So for VIII, you guys were a little slow coming out of the gate: 30 minutes into it, things seemed *awwwwwwfully* quiet, and then it was 4:30pm, and still damned quiet… I thought of how I could have made more promotional noise than I did… that prolly woulda helped… couldn’ta hurt none… but all my concerns were quickly erased some time during the second hour of the siege, with special thanks to the request for Steve Mauldin’s “O Holy Night,” which completely got things moving.

Last year, X-MASsacre fans may recall my lamenting a missed request for Bob Rivers’ “I Am Santa Claus.”  This year, not only was I able to locate it, and therefore include it in our hoilday carnage, it raised its steely fists to the yuletide carols and decisively wrenched that coveted, golden “Best All-Time Holiday Tune” belt from two very solid–and very powerful–veteran contenders, The Pogues’ “A Fairy Tale Of New York” and the TV version of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.”  As I have said elsewhere, “I Am Santa Claus” played like the 1914 Miracle Braves:  It was going nowhere with a whole lotta nothing for more than half the proceedings, and then, during the last half, and especially at the end, a massive, thundering sweep to the finish.

As some of you know, there is a blogspot blog for X-MASsacre: http://xmassacre.blogspot.com/
and I’ll update that in the next couple weeks.

The new thing is facebook.  Now to be clear, back in 2006 we made an elaborate X-MASsacre page on facebook, so that’s not really “new,” but what happened is facebook decided to delete the page and all it’s coolness within a couple months of its passing.  Very uncool of Zuckerberg & clan.  I haven’t messed around with facebook—for X-MASsacre goings on—ever since then.  Fuckin’ pissed me off, man.  It was with reticence, but significant peer pressure, that I created a new X-MASsacre page at facebook this year.  If facebook can manage respect of its participants’ creations, perhaps, *perhaps*, this will be the place to turn for X-MASsacres future?  I haven’t completely explored what I’ve created, but I *believe* ——I ****believe****—— you do *not* need to have a facebook account to access the photos and general information.  Check it out, and especially let me know if you have problems getting to it:

WXYC X-MASsacre on facebook

If you *do* happen to have a facebook account, make sure you click the “like” button on the WXYC X-MASsacre page, so if we do another one next year, you’ll know all about it, as soon as we know it’s a happenin’ thang.

I structured the facebook page so all the winners of Best Holiday Tune and the links to the flowsheet of each massacre are associated with the photo albums.  Check the photo albums for specifics of each massacre.

The WXYC X-MASsacre facebook page also created
the facebook event WXYC X-MASsacre VIII, which enjoyed much more attention and activity than its creator, so check that out, too.  I don’t know if facebook is going to delete that at some point.  I guess I oughta save it all up somewhere before that happens? 

There was so much activity voting for best ever holiday tune, I’m gonna list all the entries, but I’ll have to go back and get the notes… I’ll prolly do that when I update the blogspot blog…
…yep, just about a year later!!! But *finally*, as promised

All of 2010’s nominees for All-Time Favorite Holiday Tune:
I Am Santa Claus – Bob Rivers
You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Thurl Ravenscroft
Fairy Tale Of New York – The Pogues
Christmas Time In Hell – Satan, The Dark Prince
Proper Crimbo – Bo Selecta
Yellow Christmas – Yellowman
Christmas – The Who
Snoopy And The Red Baron – (artist not specified)
Santa Claus And His Old Lady – Cheech & Chong
Hanukkah Hey Ya – Smooth E
Last Christmas – WHAM!
Merry Christmas From The Family – Robert Earl Keane
Captain’s Holiday – Captain Beefheart
Pretty Paper – Willie Nelson

Again, thanks to everyone who called, requested, voted, or simply enjoyed listening!  This was certainly one of the best holiday sleighings, *ever*!











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