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WXYC Friday, August 12, 2011 6-9pm

*Still* haven’t entered the links from earlier this year.  But hey, I think I’m at least maybe gettin’ back on top of the recent shows?  Yowza, yowza, hyah ’tis:


12/8/11 18:00-21:00


Oh man, *now* I remember this show (I’m actually typing this Monday morning, ya see)… it was all going so well, and then… my flow got jostled, literally.  And then, when I needed The Specials’ “Ghost Town,” which we are definitely supposed to have in the station, and there’s no sensible reason for it to be missing, it was NOT on the shelf, and not tucked away anywhere else that one might logically look.  I really had been wanting to play that due to the London riots.  That and the physical interruption (people getting in the way of me getting to CDs) just had me all off-balance, all of a sudden.

It kinda got better near the end, I think, but I was sad for the clunkiness of the 7-8pm hour.  A couple listeners called in and said they liked the double Smiths ‘n’all, but [long, noisy inhalation], I wanted something different. 

Weird, messed-up confusion—not *mine*—is why I wasn’t on last week.  Sign-ups.  I guess it can be challenging for some people to figure out how to make the schedule.  We’re straight for next Friday, tho’, so just a li’l hiccup.







…as always: thanks fer callin’, thanks fer lissnin’! 











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