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WXYC Monday, August 15, 2011 5-6am

Surprise!  Totally spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment, Richard-more-in-the-mood-to-spin-some-discs-than-the-dj-looking-at-doing-9-hours-of-radio-split-during-a-period-of-15-hours-so-let’s-do-this-thing-so-you-can-get-at-least-a-one-hour-break Radio:


15/8/11 05:00-06:00


that what fuels jon o
Had I been paying closer attention to our internal workings, I’d prolly have done this whole shift, certainly I’d have come on-air before 5am, but this was really fun, no matter how ya slice it, because I was totally in the mood to do some radio… Thanks, Jon, for letting me get in the chair, and I hope it helped you get at least a smidgen extra rest before ya come back in at noon.







…and ya know I have nothing but thanks to alladem who call, and most of all thanks to alladem who lissen!  Hoooray for real radio and real human djs and real human lissners!  We are the all-time greatest!








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