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WXYC Thursday, August 18, 2011 noon-3pm

Determined to atone for yesterday’s sins, *this* show was one of which I’m proud:


18/8/11 12:00-15:00


Stumbling into the old Brian Brain, “Fun With Music! (Part One)” in the rock vinyl library early in the show set the tone for excellence, and all the fates delivered on the omen.  Looking over the flowsheet, I made some data entry errors; the 13:00 break was just before the Bishop Manning, and I forgot to enter The Dogmatics, “Drinkin’ By The Pool,” which was played after The Mighy Mighty Bosstones and before the DJ Rashad.  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna put these mp3s up, cuz this was definitely a show worthy of a download, imo and I’ll try to have a corrected flowsheet available with those files.

This one was fun, and I think it sounded great, even before I listen to the mp3s…
I give it an 8 out of 10.








…thanks fer lissnin’ and thanks fer callin’. 




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