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Archers of Loaf – Cat’s Cradle – August 19, 2011

*AoL Cat's Cradle 2011.08.19

My attendance at this show was a timely courtesy from the already well-established munificence of WXYC’s Ayatollah of Rock’n’Rolla.  (DJ Andyman, it’s *your* birthday coming up, I know, I know, but I really can’t even begin to imagine how I might match this!)

I only found out I was going to this show around a quarter till 8, while I was on-air, organizing a flow-strategy for the Karp request.  Hell, at that point I was just happy I had a Karp request, I had no idea how much better things were about to get.

Despite Matt Gentling’s quips that their advancing age was posing a danger to their ability to throw down (referencing kidney dialysis machines, strokes, prostate problems, etc.) they still went at it, full force, well over an hour, with two solid encores.

It *was* unimpeded, streaming gloriosity.

(Thanks, again, Ayatollah!)


*No delusions about photo quality here, but during the ~3 minutes when I wasn’t jumping up and down, dancing and/or flailing about, I thought it’d be a nice gesture to share a couple images.

Taking the stage for the first encore…

…and the requisite tuning

After I snatched that first pic (at the top of the blog entry), I was too into the music to bother with more pics, until their first encore.

They played “Wrong” in their first encore—which is my greatest of all time, favorite AoL tune—so any likelihood that I was gonna bother fishing around for a “camera” after that point was completely obliterated. 




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