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WXYC X-MASsacre IX Cabal Revealed!!!

Amidst hushed rumors which first began circulating on the internet about a month ago, early Friday morning, December 2, 2011, a new image

specifically designed to recruit the global public at large: age- and gender-inclusive
appeared on the wall of the facebook page titled “WXYC X-MASsacre.”

Covert-ops surveillance verify the page had lain dormant almost a full year, during which time assigned agents did relax their vigilance.  Over the past 5 years, however, it has been well-established that the masterminds of X-MASsacre rarely begin to stir before December, so the re-awakening of the facebook page was no shock, it was, in fact anticipated, and the monitoring of activities related to the event has been successfully reinstituted.

As has been the case in years past, there is every reason to believe the X-MASsacre *will* take place as advertised in the above graphic: Friday, December 16, 2011 from 15:30-23:30 ET [16/12/11 20:30 – 17/12/11 04:30 UT] on WXYC Chapel Hill 89.3FM.

Citizens who are interested in following the development of X-MASsacre IX 2011 (as well as X-MASsacre in general) are heartily encouraged to “like” the facebook page, “WXYC X-MASsacre.”







Free Visitor Maps
Free Visitor Map


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