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WXYC (XMASsacre!) Friday, December 16, 2011 3-midnight

The XMASsacre took place during the 8 hours in the middle of this shift:

16/12/11 15:00-24:00



All of this year’s nominees for
All-Time Favorite Holiday Tune:
A Fairy Tale Of New York* – The Pogues *(2007 winner)
Christmas Time In Hell – Satan, The Dark Prince
Christmas Song – Jethro Tull
Happy Ghoul Tide – Ray Oddis (!)
Christmas Wish – NRBQ
The Christians And The Pagans – Dar Williams
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – John & Yoko
Father Christmas – The Kinks *(2009 winner)
Little Drummer Boy* – Bing Crosby & David Bowie *(2002 winner)
Last Christmas – WHAM!
I Am Santa Claus* – Bob Rivers *(2010 winner)


As some of you know, there is a blogspot blog for X-MASsacre: http://xmassacre.blogspot.com/
That’s where interested listeners will find commentary on this year’s holiday carnage.


Definitely check out the X-MASsacre page on facebook; a facebook account is NOT required to look at the things posted there (including full access to the photo albums):
WXYC X-MASsacre on facebook


If you *do* happen to have a facebook account, click that    button on the WXYC X-MASsacre facebook page, so you’ll know all about the next one, as soon as we know it’s a happenin’ thang.

You can always leave requests there for the impending massacre *any*time of year.  I welcome lots of advance notice to track down the more challenging tunes!


Again, thanks to everyone who called, requested, voted, or simply enjoyed listening!  I leave you with what is *still* my favorite holiday light display (This guy’s first effort remains his best, imo.)











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