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WXYC Fridays (6-9pm) (+ 1) July 2012

Hmmmmm.  Still not entering these in a timely fashion.  Being three weeks behind is more punctual than being three months behind, regardless.  Actually, I’m not totally late, since I’m posting this on Wednesday night: I haven’t done the 27 July show yet, which means that link’ll be dead till the show is done.

…most recent at the top:

27/7/12 18:00-21:00

Helpin’ the minty fresh on a Tuesday morn:
24/7/12 03:20-07:45

Again wi’ the fried ‘ehs:
20/7/12 18:00-21:00

13/7/12 18:00-21:00

6/7/12 18:00-21:00



Alrighty, whitey. 

♥ lissners 4eva! 





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