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Accidental “style” change

I was perusing the various themes currently available to us low-budget freebie bloggers here at WordPress—I *really* want this to look like my old blog at myspace did, 2004-2008, before they changed it to Super Suck Theme… solid black background, and those nice blues n’a’ what I was using for text—and I accidentally lost all the gazillions of manipulations I’d done with the widgets and such for the layout I’ve been using since touching down on WordPress. What this means is, if I go back to that “Chaotic Soul” WordPress theme, none of the stuff I had in the right column is there, and I really am not, as of yet, inspired to do all the work necessary to recreate that layout.

This theme at least has a truly black background, but it straps me to these damned Halloween colors. In spite of this somewhat undesirable constant, I managed to slice up that Archers of Loaf @ the Cradle pic from last summer, so it kinda matches the coloring.



The deal is, there may be more style shifts in the near future. Or I may just say fucket and leave it as is. I do like *this* font, tho’ I am annoyed with the headline choice. and the background *is* black. Still, my search for the pale cyan text color remains frustrated.

For those who noticed a style change and wondered “why?”


One response

  1. OK, so I’ve shifted to this Piano Black theme to try to get away from the Halloween colors, and put up the old header jpg again, but I don’t like this font as much as the one on the Halloween-looking theme. Bottom line, I got a party to go to, so I’m tired of messing with this for now.. This is at least OK to read, but bright white on black is still a bit harsh. Also, there’s no convenient way to put in the Header title and tag line–it is forced over the header jpg, or not at all. So I’m going wiht not at all till I settle on something I can live with.

    Saturday, July 28, 2012 ... 21:53 at 21:53

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