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WXYC Friday, August 3 & 10, 2012 6-9pm +1

I keep forgetting I accidentally lost this blog’s “style,” let’s call it, and when I come back here, I realize the work I need to do to get it close to how I like… it seems rather daunting.  So even though I’m only a couple weeks behind–i.e., getting closer to getting this thing back up to speed–it’s still tough finding motivation to be timely.  The unfortunate thing is that there has been fun happening that is not getting reported as a result.  In spite of these two things (daunting redesign required, missing timely reporting of silly, fun stuff) I shall continue the mundane entry of flowsheet links even if they’re “group” entries:

3/8/12 18:00-21:00

10/8/12 18:00-21:00

+ an incidental sign-up of a bail-out nature, however happily convenient:
12/8/12 03:00-06:00

…so that’s it.  We’ve been getting stupid to Gay Cat Park for a couple three weeks, now, on Friday, as well as putting listeners who call in during the show on-air when the mood strikes us.  This is partly due to the excellent quality of the new djs we hired over the summer, who happen to be dropping in to explore the the station and just hang out during my shows.  With another new hire just a couple weeks away, the party atmosphere on Friday nights is likely to continue… stay tuned, call in and make your quality requests and comments, and we’ll see how it all goes.

As always, thanks for calling in, thanks for making requests, but most especially thanks for choosing actual radio to provide your aural entertainment. 








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