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Wow, talk about neglect…

I guess we could all see it coming… more and more time between blog posts…  and now it’s 2014 and almost two years since I updated this thing.

Bloody hell.

Well, I made a mixcloud account, and I have a few radio shows upped there.  YOu can either jsut stream it or you can select from the “Playlists” menu and hear a radio show start to finish.  They’re those 30 minute block mp3s that WXYC makes and rewrites every week for our internal records, and I couldnae be arsed to paste them all thegither, man, so deal with it.  I did figure out how to upload the stuff so it’d run in a straight unbroken stream if you go to the page and simply push play.  I think it’s better to choose the “Playlists” but as you see fit, if you see fit.

I have most of the urls for the text-based flowsheets, and maybe I’ll up them, but for now it’s prolly more likely I won’t.

Without further ado, behold, the wee mixcloud account:


I really like the last two shows I’ve done; 30 July and 23 July 2014.  “I Don’t Even Understand What The People Are Saying” was a fine hour in a decent radio show back on 24 April 2014, and I do very much love the sub show I pulled during Hopscotch back in 2012… you’ll see ’em, they’re marked and such for easy identification.


Peace out!


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