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Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t

So here’s the list of installments I presented over summer 2008 regarding how astrology can work, and how it doesn’t work.

And for those who fancy themselves objective skeptics, remember, if astrology did not work, Kepler would not have, could not have, hit certain astrological predictions he made square on the head. You just have to apply the math.

Astrology – How it Works, How It Doesn’t – Prelude/Disclaimer
— Week 1: How It Doesn’t
— Week 2: How It Works — Part 1
— — Week 3: How It Works — Part 2
— — — Week 4: How It Works — Part 3
— Week 5: Enter The Math
— Week 6: A Highly Stylized Calculation
— Week 7: Introducing… The Ecliptic!
— Week 8: 1!WTF!11! Astrology Is About The Ecliptic And *Not* The Constellations??/? WTF!!?
— Week 9: Retrograde Motion
— Week 10: Aspects — Trine To Get To The End!
— Week 11: Cusps
— Week 12: Void Of Course










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