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WXYC Fridays, September 28 – November 9, 2012 (7-9pm)


…uh…  these excuses are getting old, but I kinda have one…
no, seriously, I do…  you see, the September 21 show was preempted by The Pretentious Echo Chamber of Self-Congratulation, and it kinda threw my blogging rhythm off the track, again…

Aye, I know, but I’m no deid, yet, so lemme go ahead and do the catch-up thing, and see if it resets the world to its proper order.  Heh.

Like, 7 weeks worth of Richard radio, like:

28/9/12 19:00-21:00

5/10/12 19:00-21:00

12/10/12 19:00-21:00

19/10/12 19:00-21:00

26/10/12 19:00-21:00

2/11/12 19:00-21:00

9/11/12 19:00-21:00

…and all caught up, again.  How’s about that! 

BTW, if you do come here from time-to-time for info on my show, and you think something is wrong with the 2 November show, it’s not.  I just played *long* tracks.  That really was two hours worth of music, even though it looks like an hour; everything I played is, for a fact, on the flowsheet, there, and in the order I played it.

Thanks for calling in, thanks for making requests, but thanks above all for choosing a true radio station–with actual, living human djs who broadcast a free signal through the air–to provide your temporal lobes with the stimulation they require. 








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WXYC Fridays, August 24 (6-9pm) – September 7, 2012 (7-9pm) +1

Yes, still at it with the “group” entries…

Here we have the last summer sign-up 3-hour-tour:

24/8/12 18:00-21:00


Then the Fall semester shift (7-9pm) begins:

31/8/12 19:00-21:00

7/9/12 19:00-21:00


Finally, multi-entry wraps with a special
sub-for-a-sub-for-Hopscotch-weekend on Saturday afternoon:

8/9/12 14:00-17:00



…and perhaps now I’m all caught up?  Could be. 

As always, thanks for calling in, thanks for making requests, but most especially thanks for choosing actual radio to provide your aural entertainment. 








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WXYC Friday, August 3 & 10, 2012 6-9pm +1

I keep forgetting I accidentally lost this blog’s “style,” let’s call it, and when I come back here, I realize the work I need to do to get it close to how I like… it seems rather daunting.  So even though I’m only a couple weeks behind–i.e., getting closer to getting this thing back up to speed–it’s still tough finding motivation to be timely.  The unfortunate thing is that there has been fun happening that is not getting reported as a result.  In spite of these two things (daunting redesign required, missing timely reporting of silly, fun stuff) I shall continue the mundane entry of flowsheet links even if they’re “group” entries:

3/8/12 18:00-21:00

10/8/12 18:00-21:00

+ an incidental sign-up of a bail-out nature, however happily convenient:
12/8/12 03:00-06:00

…so that’s it.  We’ve been getting stupid to Gay Cat Park for a couple three weeks, now, on Friday, as well as putting listeners who call in during the show on-air when the mood strikes us.  This is partly due to the excellent quality of the new djs we hired over the summer, who happen to be dropping in to explore the the station and just hang out during my shows.  With another new hire just a couple weeks away, the party atmosphere on Friday nights is likely to continue… stay tuned, call in and make your quality requests and comments, and we’ll see how it all goes.

As always, thanks for calling in, thanks for making requests, but most especially thanks for choosing actual radio to provide your aural entertainment. 








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WXYC Fridays (6-9pm) (+ 1) July 2012

Hmmmmm.  Still not entering these in a timely fashion.  Being three weeks behind is more punctual than being three months behind, regardless.  Actually, I’m not totally late, since I’m posting this on Wednesday night: I haven’t done the 27 July show yet, which means that link’ll be dead till the show is done.

…most recent at the top:

27/7/12 18:00-21:00

Helpin’ the minty fresh on a Tuesday morn:
24/7/12 03:20-07:45

Again wi’ the fried ‘ehs:
20/7/12 18:00-21:00

13/7/12 18:00-21:00

6/7/12 18:00-21:00



Alrighty, whitey. 

♥ lissners 4eva! 





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WXYC Fridays (6-9pm) (+ a couple on the side) May & June 2012

The home stretch of gettin’ caught up, light at the end o’the tunnel, a’ that.

Intersession was technically 4 May – 18 May, plus the 3-9am shifts through 25 May; I also filled an abandoned 3am shift at the end of June. Here they are…

…most recent at the top:

Saturday morning, picking up the slack, post-Caltrop@CHUG, Richard was buzzed:
30/6/12 03:00-06:00

Typical Friday action:
29/6/12 18:00-21:00

22/6/12 06:00-09:00

15/6/12 18:00-21:00

8/6/12 18:00-21:00

1/6/12 18:00-21:00

25/5/12 18:00-21:00^^^^^^^^^Summer Session Begins^^^^^^^^^

I call this final intersession sign-up a Wednesday Wake-up:
23/5/12 06:00-09:00

These are all the usual Friday gig, al beit during intersession sign-ups:
18/5/12 18:00-21:00

11/5/12 18:00-21:00

4/5/12 18:00-21:00

Wow.  That’s it!  All caught up!  I canny believe it!  Damned near a full year of catching up, tho’ I did start trying to fix it in May.  Now we’ll all find out if I can at least keep current with the text links to the setlists on a show-by-show basis, as I used to do.  My intention, but I know better than to make promises!

…and as always, thanks fer callin’, thanks fer lissnin’! 





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WXYC Fridays (7-9pm) Spring 2012 – Besser Spät Als Nie™ Edition

Just tryin’ ta get caught up/knock these out, so this includes sign-ups from Spring Break, as well as the regular Friday 7-9pm shifts:

Most recent at the top:

27/4/12 19:00-21:00

20/4/12 19:00-21:00

13/4/12 19:00-21:00

6/4/12 19:00-21:00

30/3/12 19:00-21:00

23/3/12 19:00-21:00

16/3/12 19:00-21:00

——————Spring Break——————
The last Spring Break sign-up I did was Saturday 9pm-midnight:
10/3/12 21:00-24:00

9/3/12 18:00-21:00

2/3/12 18:00-21:00

——————^Spring Break^——————

24/2/12 19:00-21:00

17/2/12 19:00-21:00

10/2/12 19:00-21:00

3/2/12 19:00-21:00

27/1/12 19:00-21:00

20/1/12 19:00-21:00


Canny believe I’m almost up2date!  If you listened to any part of any of these radio shows, hope you enjoyed, and thanks for the ears!








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WXYC post-XMASsacre sign-ups -– Besser Spät Als Nie™ Edition

(…and another 6 weeks later, I finally get around to posting *these* links from this past winter; it is actually July as I write this, but again, I’ve applied a post-date to keep the blog in order.)

Most recent at the top:

The last sign-up I did before Spring 2012 was in the wee hours of Saturday morning:
14/1/12 03:00-06:00

These are all Friday night:
13/1/12 18:00-21:00

6/1/12 18:00-21:00

30/12/11 18:20-21:00

23/12/11 18:00-21:00


As always, thanks fer callin’, thanks fer lissnin’!                                                                                                  



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