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For Hailers of the Blasphemous Moon!

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Ever wonder what the moon looked like when you were born?
You know, the phase:  was it full, new, or something in-between?

Well, great news, you can find out here, whether you’ve ever wondered about it before or not!


At that website you can discover the moon phase for *any* day from 1800 – 2199!  (note: It’s graded in 4 hour intervals on a 24 hour clock, so 8pm=20, for those of us who know what time we were born, or have a particular time of day in mind.)


Darkness on the left side means the moon is waxing (as in “growing” bigger—not grooming to put on a thong!!!).

Darkness on the right side means the moon is waning (becoming “smaller.”)


For my moon phase above, it was about a day before the full moon.
For Granpa (28 February, 1899) it looks like he was born about a day after the full moon:

If you’d also like to know whether one could actually see the moon in the sky when you were born (don’t forget that if it’s above the horizon, you can still see it, even when the sun is up!), you can go here (to get data for a single day), or if you’d prefer to get data for an entire month that you can print out and use as a calendar, go here

The site that gives the full month’s data for sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset, in yellow, requires some reading and paying attention, and you’re probably gonna have to click a couple links to get to the place where you enter your geographic data, *but* you can also add things like the time of  civil, nautical, and/or astronomical twilight,  and choose between a 12-hour AM/PM or a 24-hour type set-up.  I really like that yellow link, because it is honestly quite the practical calendar page.

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