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March Madness

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I am well aware that I am something of a blasphemous heretic living in Chapel Hill, NC, being a (currently unenrolled) student at UNC-CH while being more or less oblivious to the ways of the NCAA (I think those are the right letters?) and even to basketball in general.  Don’t get me wrong: I always want us to win, and I do so hate Dook.  I just don’t have any sense of what’s going on in the process.  It’s a language that eludes me.  For example, I think we have a player called Tyler or Taylor Hansborough or Hansbrough or something like that…  and I think we just won our position in the “Sweet Sixteen.”  I’m not sure, but there will next be some set of eight?  The Great Eight?  Hell, I don’t know.

Anyways, for me, “March Madness” has come to mean a kind of mildly frustrating aggravation resulting from repeatedly hearing all kinds of newscasters and people on the street talk about Brak-a-tology only to later discern that what they’re talking about has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with derelict criminal space cats incarcerated on the Ghost Planet.


Hey, c’mon!  He’s wearing Carolina Blue… isn’t *that* enough for your hoops lust? 

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